Studio A-1(A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

When Hannah finds out she has to work with the world known band One Direction she is not only annoyed because she has 3 weeks to make them look like professionals but she also has to put up with a bet that she doesn't know about. It was Zayns idea and the bet is that whenever one of the boys catches or notices someone else in the band trying to make Hannah fall for them then they owe all the other boys in the band money. But since Louis thinks it was a stupid bet in the first place, he really doesn't want to pay for trying to make Hannah like him, so he is always talking to her in secret. Then one day Zayn finds out then things get interesting...


3. The Boys POV On Meeting Hannah


"Any idea when she will get here?" I wailed to the other band members as we waited for our choreographer to appear. 

"Hey, does anyone know ANYTHING about this girl?"asked one of the band members, Louis.

"Her name is Hannah and she is 15.... I think, but she is also a national champion for dancing."

"Well, look like someone did their research." Louis replied with a smirk.

"Actually,I did, and I watched some of her videos on YouTube, she's incredible, but I think she has a disorder to where none of her limbs are actually attached to her so they just bend abnormally." (A/N haha dancers will get this part) Louis made a face.Then we heard a door slam and feet quickly coming down a hallway and then just as I sat down the door to our slammed open and a very angry looking 15 year old girl appeared.


"I take it your Hannah?" I asked the door slammer.

"I am,thank you very much and unless you all want an extra hard workout,I suggest you stop with the interviews and start stretching."She said with a mock smile. 

She was gorgeous. She was fairly tall and and she had long light brown hair with light tips, and her eyes were brown,but an almost gold color of brown.Right now she was wearing what looked like her dad's old sweatshirt and the oldest pair of sweatpants you probably have ever seen.

But she certainly was not patient.

"Niall, if you keep twisting your knee out, your going to be crippled by the time your 40!"

"Harry,are you going to participate or sit on your phone?"

"Liam,just keep doing what you were doing, cause your actually doing it perfect."

"Louis,are you just gonna stare all day or start stretching?"

I loved how, she said our names, but since our first concert with choreography was coming I needed to snap out of it and pay attention, otherwise I would look like an octopus in a tornado when that concert came around.


Our choreographer defiantly wanted to get down to business within 15 minutes of practice I already had a massive headache from hearing Hannah say an assortment of these things 

"No, Niall did I say it was snack break,yet? No, I didn't, so back to practice."

"HARRY!No phones during class, WHAT-SO-EVER!"

And many other things that we normally did, I can't wait did later so I can ask the boys what they actually thought about her.


She annoyed me.Really bad.I want to scream,at her to leave me and my phone alone,but she keeps taking it.(A/N not coolstagram :P) Apparently she's the most annoyed with Zayn because they keep getting into stupid arguments like whether or not dancing is a sport, but I think it is, because while we are sweating buckets,Hannah looks like a CoverGirl.Even though she's annoying, doesn't mean she's not pretty.But it seriously looks like Zayne is going to knock her out,I think she noticed it too because she just gave us a water and snack  break.


Dance is not a sport. Not a tiny bit. It is a pointless hobby. I don't think I will ever get her nagging voice out of my head that always says

"No Zayn go back and do it again with straight knees." I always flex my knees afterward to annoy her.But I am so gonna complain to management about how they couldn't find a better choreographer for us. Then I realize the other boys expressions Louis looks awestruck, Harry looks annoyed, Niall looks confused and hungry, and Liam looks very pleased with himself;probably because he always get this stupid dance right.Suddenly a very sick idea came over me, what if mAde a bet with the boys to see who can Hannah to fall for them first. I think either Niall or Louis would win, but I decide to mention it to the boys later and see how much they are willing to put that it will be them first. I spent the rest of that afternoon thinking about this bet an how I'm going to have to end up getting all the money






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