Studio A-1(A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

When Hannah finds out she has to work with the world known band One Direction she is not only annoyed because she has 3 weeks to make them look like professionals but she also has to put up with a bet that she doesn't know about. It was Zayns idea and the bet is that whenever one of the boys catches or notices someone else in the band trying to make Hannah fall for them then they owe all the other boys in the band money. But since Louis thinks it was a stupid bet in the first place, he really doesn't want to pay for trying to make Hannah like him, so he is always talking to her in secret. Then one day Zayn finds out then things get interesting...


4. ~Hannah's POV On Meeting The Boys~

~Hannah's POV~

I raced down the hallway and when I got to the room the boys were in I slammed that door open and hopped inside. I looked around at the boys. 

"I take it your Hannah?" asked one of the boys in a striped shirt, I think his name was Louis he looked like he was about  17 (A/N this story takes place in 2011, but I forgot how old the boys were on x-factor, so could someone tell me please? :3) 

"I am, thank you very much and unless you all want a very hard workout, I suggest you stop with the interviews and start stretching."I said then for my own amusement I added a twisted smile.

Louis looked awe-struck that I said that to him, I guess he wasn't used to people talking like that to him yet,since they were such new stars none of the boys had haters yet.Well I hope they do realize I'm not a fangirl and I'm not patient, so they sure are going to have a hard class with me.

~15 minutes later~

~Still Hannah's POV~ 

I had most of these boys figured out. Niall was always hungry,an I knew that because he kept trying to eat during MY lesson, like that would EVER happen.Zayn couldn't dance, period, and he kept arguing with me over EVERYTHING,I annoy him, which is a good thing for me.Liam actually was pretty quiet and mostly did the steps as I taught them.Harry looked like he was ready to scream at me,which luckily I gave everyone a snack and water break before he did. Niall was overjoyed at the fact we had a break.Louis was the only I couldn't figure out, I am going to sit with him during break, it's good for a teacher to KNOW her students, but not to get attached because I will probably never see these boys again.


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