Studio A-1(A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

When Hannah finds out she has to work with the world known band One Direction she is not only annoyed because she has 3 weeks to make them look like professionals but she also has to put up with a bet that she doesn't know about. It was Zayns idea and the bet is that whenever one of the boys catches or notices someone else in the band trying to make Hannah fall for them then they owe all the other boys in the band money. But since Louis thinks it was a stupid bet in the first place, he really doesn't want to pay for trying to make Hannah like him, so he is always talking to her in secret. Then one day Zayn finds out then things get interesting...


8. ~De Juniors~ (Part 1)

~Hannah's POV~ 
Mrs. Johnson slammed the door behind her and I winces loud sounds almost always sent me on edge, ever since the sirens and screams of the incident... I snapped back to reality and looked at Ms. Johnson her face was pale white and eyes are bulging so she resembled a fish, but I didn't want to even let a giggle pass because of how angry she looked."Wh-what did I do?"I asked.
Miss Johnson just stared at me her eyes seemingly looking over every single detail on me. It was starting to make me uncomfortable so I asked again. It's time it seemed like she snapped back to reality and she responded with a cold and monotone voice.
"Remember what happened last competition?" She said."With that music incident and the costumes."A warm fury suddenly took over all my emotions. A girl from Southwestern California had looked on the website and copied my song and somehow she managed to get the same exact costume is me and competed in the same category, but the only downside is that our studio had registered first,but even though she competed before me the judges believe that I was copying her dance because,because at most competitions it goes in what order the studios have registered,but for some reason it when of alphabetical order at this competition. Mrs. Johnson brought me back to reality by you lightly smacking arm.
"You looked like you spaced out."she stated with a smirk.
"Well anyways we're going to that competition again this week but you were banned because of what happened last time so I was wondering if you could stay here to help the juniors with their annual sleepover that they have every year."
"What!" I exclaimed."No way! I'm already helping with this One Direction gang there's no way I'm babysitting the juniors,their all brats!"I said with an over exaggerated sigh. 
Mrs.Johnson looked at me in a stern way and when she spoke again she almost made my heart stop.
"Hannah you will either help them or your off the team for three months!"She yelled, and it echoed down the hallway.
I cannot believe my luck first the competition thing,I have to help with this one direction thing, now the brats.What else could happen? 
"Oh and I spoke with one direction manager they want you to have to the boys help you with your project with the juniors." Said with a sickly sweet smile she knew how much I hated relying on other people, which is why I almost never competed in groups just solos. I spoke too soon about things not getting any worse. I heard voices coming from inside the studio and then a crash noise.
I looked at Mrs. Johnson and then she gave me a nod which signaled that she was done talking to me,which meant I could go back into the studio. Not that I wanted to anyways. Then I remember that Samantha was here, she would help me with the boys she always seems me what she's doing with people,unlike me on the other hand I just always seem to resort to yelling and and screaming at people. I slowly creaked the door open to see my laptop smashed on the floor and then 5 very guilty faces. I realized a face was missing. Louis. Suddenly I had a mashed banana in my face and an entire class on the floor laughing. I was just getting ready to yell at everyone when suddenly a very scared girl about my age to walked through the door.
"Harry here?"she asks me sweetly. 
And she looked around looking like she's trying not to burst out laughing and her eyes landed on Harry she broke into a wide grin. She ran over and embraced Harry and a very friendly hug and I realized that this must've been the Emma girl that the boys were all talking about Harry missing earlier at break. 
Must realize how angry my face looked because she looked up at me and suddenly her grin wasn't there anymore. 
"I'll see you later." She said sadly to Harry. 
Then Harry look at me looking very mad.
"Come on it's our first day can't we cut practice little short?" He asked me with pleading eyes.
Realization clicked in my head and I realize that if I let all the boys off break early and I could let Harry and that girl,Emma, talk over what they must've missed well he was here,and I could get to know Louis better.
"Find practice is done for today."
I announced.Suddenly I was embraced in a very large group hug. 
"Okay okay that's enough!" I said as the air was being choked out of me. 
Harry grabbed Emma's hand and ran out of the studio.
Samantha seem to start up a conversation with Niall pretty quickly.
And Liam and Zayn decided that they wanted to go look around the town and sightsee.
Which left me with Louis again.
The great time to start to get to know him, I guess. 
Did you guys like this chapter? I didn't really. What do you think will happen with the juniors, and the port luck that Hannah has just makes me all :((((. But I have something planned for the juniors sleepover thing ;)))Oh and I thought Hannah was a little out of character for this chapter but WHATEVER it's a fanfic. I will try to update tomorrow night but IDK, with my CRAY-ZEE schedule who really knows anything. Well see you all on the next chappie!! 
~Bailey, your Movella Princess <3


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