Studio A-1(A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

When Hannah finds out she has to work with the world known band One Direction she is not only annoyed because she has 3 weeks to make them look like professionals but she also has to put up with a bet that she doesn't know about. It was Zayns idea and the bet is that whenever one of the boys catches or notices someone else in the band trying to make Hannah fall for them then they owe all the other boys in the band money. But since Louis thinks it was a stupid bet in the first place, he really doesn't want to pay for trying to make Hannah like him, so he is always talking to her in secret. Then one day Zayn finds out then things get interesting...



~Baileys POV~ 

Hello everybody so IMMA keep this chappie as an extra author so that if anyone ever needs to see something VERY IMPORTANT it will be here!!! So if a small size note at the end of a chapter says got to A/N file come here!!! That means something's up!! :))) Anywayssss I'm like in love my bed right now, it's so comfy!!!! 

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