Studio A-1(A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

When Hannah finds out she has to work with the world known band One Direction she is not only annoyed because she has 3 weeks to make them look like professionals but she also has to put up with a bet that she doesn't know about. It was Zayns idea and the bet is that whenever one of the boys catches or notices someone else in the band trying to make Hannah fall for them then they owe all the other boys in the band money. But since Louis thinks it was a stupid bet in the first place, he really doesn't want to pay for trying to make Hannah like him, so he is always talking to her in secret. Then one day Zayn finds out then things get interesting...


1. ~A Talk With Mrs.Jackson~

Mrs.Jackson was the only person I totally and completely trusted at my dance studio,she has always been one of my teachers since I was three and has pre-ballet,now I was on the competition team and I was fifteen years old and held over 50 national titles. So when she called me in to talk to her I assumed it was good news,all I got was the opposite. 

"So,Jasmine I bet you are wondering why I called you into my office today."she said very slowly picking her words as she filled out some important looking forms.

"Actually I'm quite curious why." I simply stated

"Well,you are the state title holder and I assume you know who One Direction is,right?" she asked me,again slowly plucking her words from an invisible dictionary.

"Yes I do know who One Direction is,but I don't understand what any of this has to do with dancing." I explained to her in a rush

"Well, One Directions manager heard about your title and wants you to choreograph for the boys tour this upcoming year." she proudly announces with a beaming smile on her face.

"Come again?" I asked unbelievingly,not because I was excited to work  with them but my best friend, Samantha was obsessed with Niall Horan, and I KNEW she would want to know every detail and from her making me watch all these montages of them I knew that they wouldn't want to get right down to business and that's the only reason I was such a good dancer, I paid attention to dance and that's the only i was in this office right. 

"They are in room A-1" she said,with a very uncomfortable look on her face.

I heaved myself out of a chair and walk out the door but I made sure to slam it on the way out, I immediately felt bad, I have never done that to her before. But, how dare she? To just spring the news of them being here and then to expect me to get straight down to work with them, literally seconds after learning what I had to do.. I didn't even have choreography for them yet!

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