VidCon Madness

VidCon is coming in 1 week and I'm freaking out. Okay so how about I tell a little about myself.

Hay Gurl Hay It's me StellaBoo and I have some news for you. VidCon is coming up and I get to be on stage with my besties Jen, ( JennxPenn)
Jc Caylen, Conner Franta, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillion, ( My twerking buddy) Sam Portoff, and Trevor Moran ( My singing buddy ). It's going to be so fun!! I will tell you about myself in much detail as possible before VidCon. Enjoy my Life I guess !!


2. Tweeting

Subject: Tweeting


 Twitter. I am obsessed with twitter and well if I could marry it I would. Im on twitter 24/7. I sometimes tweet the most randomness things ever like ' LIKE A BOSS ' or ' UNICORN ' yeah I get preeettttyyy random sometimes. Some comments are like 'calm down' or ' do you have ADHD or something'. The answer to both is NOOO. So yeah twitter is a obsession of mine and I even have a planned out time to go on twitter. 12:00 pm and am is Twitter Time!!



Well that was todays lesson I will promise to make them longer next time. Bye muh lovelies!


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