VidCon Madness

VidCon is coming in 1 week and I'm freaking out. Okay so how about I tell a little about myself.

Hay Gurl Hay It's me StellaBoo and I have some news for you. VidCon is coming up and I get to be on stage with my besties Jen, ( JennxPenn)
Jc Caylen, Conner Franta, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillion, ( My twerking buddy) Sam Portoff, and Trevor Moran ( My singing buddy ). It's going to be so fun!! I will tell you about myself in much detail as possible before VidCon. Enjoy my Life I guess !!


3. Creeping

Subject: Creeping 



In case you didn't know what creeping is, then it means mostly the same thing as stalking but on the Internet. I like to creep on my fans and they say some Cray Cray, messed up, sh*t. Okay sorry for my language but seriously they are pretty crazy, like me so I call them my crazies. Me and Tyler shot a video together doing the tumblr tag. It's were you search your name and see what crazy, messed up thing is going around in your fandom. Tyler's favorite picture of his was, him, Darren Chris, Zayn Malik, Doritos, Lady Gaga, Jacksgap, and a Tumblr loggo all photoshopped onto a picture of the world with him in the middle. Which was actually one of my beautiful masterpieces. My favorite one was a picture of me and every Youtuber I hung out with in each square, then 4 bigger squares in the middle of me and JC, Ricky, Jenn, and Tyler all sorounding a slightly bigger box with the picture of Harry Styles kissing my cheek. Yep we met and chatted then I took a picture of all the boys and he kissed my cheek. Wait and the picture had all the ship names written in order in the description with the person saying " Comment who your favorite Stella ship is." I saved that picture as the background of my IPhone and Tyler did the same with his picture. So yeah beware I creep on my fans. 




Like I promised it was longer but not too long. Love ya~ bye muh crazies.


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