VidCon Madness

VidCon is coming in 1 week and I'm freaking out. Okay so how about I tell a little about myself.

Hay Gurl Hay It's me StellaBoo and I have some news for you. VidCon is coming up and I get to be on stage with my besties Jen, ( JennxPenn)
Jc Caylen, Conner Franta, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillion, ( My twerking buddy) Sam Portoff, and Trevor Moran ( My singing buddy ). It's going to be so fun!! I will tell you about myself in much detail as possible before VidCon. Enjoy my Life I guess !!


6. 02l

Subject: O2l



All of the O2l members are my best friends. Conner is my Sass Buddy, Ricky is my Twerking Buddy, Sam is my beach buddy, JC an I have that weird friendship where it's like we're dating, Trevor is my singing buddy, Kian is both my prank buddy and randomness buddy. So I hang out a lot with them and do a lot of videos together of truth or dares, would you rather, f*ck, marry, kill, going to da beach, pranks, Q&A, Tags, and a whole bunch of random stuff. I don't just hang out with O2l tho. I hang out with Jenn, Andrea, Eric, Anthony, Rebecca, Alexa, Ricardo and Miley Cyrus. Kidding I don't hang out with Miley but I have met her and took a picture, also she signed my laptop and my phone case. Yep I pretty much hang out with a lot of people but I have to say my favorite moment is when I did a huge prank on O2l, Jenn, Andrea, Eric, Ricardo, Anthony, Alexa, Rebecca, and a bunch of their other friends. So they were all at a hotel, I thought of the prank, so I got my camera, and started filming me saying I'm sick and can't come. So they were all at a hotel sitting in the lobby and I got some people to transform my face and I looked completely different. I went to the hotel with a bunch of my uncle's friends ( the police ). I acted like some random person when my uncle's friends came in I pointed at them and said " IT WAS THEM ". You should of seen the look on their faces it was hilarious. My uncle's friend took them and put them in the police cars, When they got to the police station Jc called me and was like " Hey um we are at the police station, they think we broke the law. I told them I would get my driver to pick them up. So they didn't even know until one of the Ask O2l videos someone asked them ' what was the scariest moment of your life and the boys told the story. And I completely cracked, I started laughing. They were like what are you laughing about. I told them and then they threw me in the pool. After that I went home soaking wet cause I got really mad and I posted the video of my prank. This was actually all happened 2 days ago so hahaha, see who's laughing now.

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