Love Pyramid

Florrie is trapped in a Love Pyramid
First there's Drew, her boyfriend. Every girl in school has a crush in him. They seem like the perfect couple. But they're not. Florrie doesn't have any feelings for him other than commitment.

Secondly there's her ex boyfriend, Austin. He gets severely bullied at school and at home. He's a cutter and an achoholic. But she cares for him with all her heart. The only problem is he's a abusive. She has countless scars, bruises, and injuries from him. Not to mention he's raped her numerous times and she's pregnant with his child.

Then there's Cole her crush. He cares about Florrie a lot and they've been friends for a long time and he's madly in love with he. But he has trust issues.Florrie will do ANYTHING her asks her to. All she wants is to be with him.

And lastly there's a new girl in school named Lori. Florine knows nothing about her except she's really sweet and that Florrie is starting to fall for her.

Who will Florrie choose?


1. The Perfect Couple

Everyone thinks we're the perfect couple.

We're not.

     Drew and I have been dating for almost a year now. I haven't loved him almost the entire time. Don't get me wrong I loved him at some point but that is surely not now. He doesn't even care about me at all. He's always flirting with others girls and hanging out with his stupid friends. Now I know I sound like the stereotypical whiney girlfriend but I'm not. This is the truth without any exaggeration and it's getting old, very old. 
     But I'm scared to leave him. Well not scared to leave him but scared to be alone. I guess I could always get back together with my ex boyfriend, Austin I mean he's constantly pestering me to forgive him and take him back. But as desperate as I am I'm not that desperate and I'm not stupid. I still have last time in the back of my head. 

     See he's an alcoholic. I don't blame him either. If my life was as bad as his I would drink too. But the problem is he's a mean drunk. I can't even count how many times he's gotten drunk and beaten me into oblivion. That's not the worst of it though. I mean honestly if he would just beat me I could put up with that but he doesn't stop with that. He sexually abuses me and that's what I can't tolerate. 

     He's gotten me pregnant a couple times but they'd all been miscarriages. That is except for one. 
 And that would be our son, Munro. It scares me to leave him with such a violent person but I know he's in good hands since Austin's older brother, Sam is the one that mostly takes care of him. 

    So really if I left Drew I'd be alone and I don't think I want that. So I guess I'll just stay with him until he leaves me for some weed-smoking slut....again. 

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