Undercover Nerd

Hey it's me Georgina Rose but most people call me G.R .
So I like this guy and well I don't think he knows I even exist, but I if he did he'd think I'm a nerd. This guy is in love with my best friend and she thinks I don't even go to her school and I never told her I do because she will have me dress in her fashionable clothes and do my hair. Normally I just wear old tee shirts and old jeans , never do my hair, also I wear nerd glasses. Everyone from my old school loved me and I loved them to, every guy liked me, every girl wanted to be my friend. Your probably like what happened. I changed to a Undercover Nerd.


3. The Party

Im mentally freaking out right now. Im at Stella's house and some people arrived like her girly friends and some of her close guy friends. One of the guys I think Dylan was his name came up to me and started talking to me about some weird stuff. I was warned by Stella that most of her friend are pretty weird, like her.


 So the party was all over the place and some guy kept staring at me. It was like 10 when everyone left because of school the next day. It was only Stella, Jordan, Creepy Staring Dude, Niall, Dylan, and Chelsea. ( Jordan is a girl) Then we started to play truth or dare, afterwards we all fell asleep. Stella woke us up and made breakfast. Everyone got ready, ate, then we hoped in Stella limo. We all talked, and arrived at a.....shopping mall. So Stella told us to buy any school stuff or whatever you needed. She was in a store that had all this crazy school stuff like locker decorations, and everything. She ended up buying clothes, locker decorations, and food. She bought me some clothes, locker decorations, and food too. She really knows my style but she has only seen me for like a couple of days. Stella said that her and her friends always bring extra clothes for school in case of like any accidents.



We all got back into the limo and talked and arrived at the school. Wow I felt like those people in the movie when they step out of the limos and everyone stares at you. Did I forget to say Stella got me some contacts well she did ,she did my hair ,and picked out my outfit. You might be like that's weird because you don't even know each other but we do. We chatted a lot on twitter and we did that for about 2 years.


 I know its really short but I wanted the next chapter to be all about school. LOVE YALL and please vote for me then I will LOVE YALL EVEN MORE!!!!!! Byeeeee ~ xxStella_Boo

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