Undercover Nerd

Hey it's me Georgina Rose but most people call me G.R .
So I like this guy and well I don't think he knows I even exist, but I if he did he'd think I'm a nerd. This guy is in love with my best friend and she thinks I don't even go to her school and I never told her I do because she will have me dress in her fashionable clothes and do my hair. Normally I just wear old tee shirts and old jeans , never do my hair, also I wear nerd glasses. Everyone from my old school loved me and I loved them to, every guy liked me, every girl wanted to be my friend. Your probably like what happened. I changed to a Undercover Nerd.


2. Should I Tell Her

I'm pacing right now should I tell her. Wait that's not a question. You know what I'm going to tell her. Yep right now. So I got on twitter and messaged her. Convo .....

I got something to tell you

Really what

This is hard to explain but I go to your school

Omg really

yeah I'm the ugly nerdy girl

that can't be you your way prettier

nope that's me

wow, wait where do you live

21st why

Omg so do I

Which house?

The one up the hill on the end

Oh mines the white one with the rose bushes'( see what I did there ROSE get it)

thats like 2minutes away


you need to come over now


Well see you when you get here



So then I got showered did my hair in a bun with a white bow, then I went to the back of my closet to get my girly clothes on. A black crop top with white letters that say 'Peace' and a peace sign with fingers on it, some high waisted stripe pants and black converse. I told my aunt I'm leaving and went to Stella's.  When I got there her 13 year old brother, Kian opened the door and Stella shouted "Come to my room". So I went her room and we laughed and talked about stuff. Then she said that we should have a party. My face: :{|

I'm not the type of party person but I don't know " Sure" I told her

 Oh great she probably going to invite Niall, all those bullies, her girly friends. I should of just stayed a Undercover Nerd.





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