Undercover Nerd

Hey it's me Georgina Rose but most people call me G.R .
So I like this guy and well I don't think he knows I even exist, but I if he did he'd think I'm a nerd. This guy is in love with my best friend and she thinks I don't even go to her school and I never told her I do because she will have me dress in her fashionable clothes and do my hair. Normally I just wear old tee shirts and old jeans , never do my hair, also I wear nerd glasses. Everyone from my old school loved me and I loved them to, every guy liked me, every girl wanted to be my friend. Your probably like what happened. I changed to a Undercover Nerd.


4. School

So once we got out of the limo every one just had to stare at us like we killed two people but we obviously killed seven. So we all got out and walked up the concrete pathway up to the school eyes still watching us. Then Stella led us to all our lockers which were really close to each other. We all talked for a while until the bell rang for first period. We all went our separate and not so separate ways. Me and Stella went to Math class first with that one guy who was staring at me.


This is basically what I heard: blah blah blah blah blah bla blah blah blah Harry would you like to come up to demonstrate? Then the guy who stared at me got up and did the math questions or whatever. All I could think was that his name is Harry. He's actually sort of cute.



After what felt like forever, the bell finally rang meaning we could go home. Me and the group all met up and went to the limo. We dropped everyone off at their houses, we all lived close together, except Jordan. Now I know my neighbor is Niall, then next to him is Dylan, which is right next to Stella's.


I got home and went to the fridge to eat something and I noticed a sticky note on the counter saying : Hey G, I'm out at a business meeting for my new job. I'll be back at 10, and if you like you can go to Stella's house or do whatever just don't brake any laws.


Jez she already has a new job and is staying late. Well I don't think I could brake any laws.... by myself. I heard my ringtone for when Stella is calling which is her saying " Pick up the phone" over and over again. Phone Convo:

Hey you need to come over now


And bring some stuff for the morning

So im spending the night

No Im going to make you slide down rainbows-of course your spending the night

I think sliding down rainbows sounds fun

Just be there or else

Or I get to slide down rainbows

No or I will teenap you ( instead of kidnap its teenap because they are 15 get it huh )

Okay I will be there in 10

Or else

Okay Bye


  *End of Phone Convo*

I grabbed my pink stripped Victoria Secret bag, I shop for the clothes and perfume okay. I went and got a PINK tank top, PINK shorts, some slippers, hair ties, a PINK sweatshirt, and PINK phone case my IPhone. I know what your thinking. Yeeeahh I really have a problem don't I.


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