Call me sometime

About a girl named melody and she goes to a meet and greet with her BFF and both niall and Harry like her and basically through out the story she thinks that all 4 of them are just a fun group of friends and doesn't notice that Harry and niall like her.


1. Call me sometime

Melody's p.o.v- 

I was in my room when my phone began ringing

'You're insecure don't know what for-' my phone began ringing

"Hello?" I answered. I began to hear squealing and heavy breathing. I immediately recognized Katelyn's voice. We've only met for 2 months but I really feel like she's part of my own family.

"Katelyn, breath. Inhale exh-"

"Melody!!! Were about to meet One direction!!!" Katelyn cut me off. At this moment I don't know what to do. Should I scream, should I cry? Ahh but I'm going to meet the boys! It's always been our dream

"When!?!" I screamed in excitement

"Friday. Be ready, I'll be picking you up at 8. Byee!" She announced from the other end. The phone call ended, I sat there in disbelief. In less than 48 hours I'll be meeting the boys 


It's Friday night and I'm in line with Katleyn. I decided to put on a cute little striped dress with blue flats. I decided to leave my hair down. I look around and all I see are prettier faces. What happens if they think I'm ugly? I'm not even close to beautiful as these girls are

"Next" the guard gestured. 2 more girls to go before it's my turn. My stomach began to swirl around as I began to regret in coming

"Next" the guard said. The two girl ran off to take their picture with the boys. Oh no

"Katleyn, I don't think I could do this. I'm not going in" I whispered to Katelyn. She gave me a death glare

"No, you have to go in" she protested

"Next" the guard said. I look back at Katleyn. I took in a deep breath before walking up to the double doors. Just by a turn of a doorknob I'll be seeing the boys. I close my eyes as I open the door

"Hii. What's your name?" the boys greeted as they all stared at me. I feel so uncomfortable, I didn't feel good

"Melody" I quiet responded. Niall gave me an adorable smile

"Come on over" he said a she gestured to his way. I began to feel uneasy

"I-I'm sorry. I think I should be going-" I said as I began to walk back to the doors

"Hey! Wait. Where are you going? Come 'ere and take a picture with us. Don't be shy" Niall said as he held on to my wrist. I felt myself scream in excitement but at the same time I really didn't want to do this. I gave in and got into position. I decided to stand in between Harry and Liam.

"1...2...3" the camera man announced and took a picture. Thank God that's over

Niall's p.o.v. 

We were waiting patently for our next fan to come in. The double doors open and appeared a beautiful girl. Her striped red dress made her eyes stood out. She was beautiful. The other fans as well, but something about her got my attention

I was hoping she would stand by me but instead she decided to stand by Harry and Liam. After the picture was taken I was going to ask her for her number and twitter

"Hey, would you mind-" I was cut off as I saw Harry giving her his number and making her blush. It kinda got me jealous but I kept my cool

"Call me sometime" he said as she left

"Hey, would you mind giving me your number? I'd love to call you some time" I asked. She gave me a smile, it's the beautifulest smile I've ever seen on a girl

"Sure" she took out her phone and opened up a new contact

"Alright, I'll call you later. Bye" she waved back at us as she left the room. I can't wait to call her

Harry's P.O.V 

It's been a busy day at the Meet and Greet. Melody came and made me feel a lot better. Her smile filled up every corner of the room. She's just something I've never seen before, and I like it.

After we finished with the Meet and Greet, we headed over to the hotel room. Liam and Zayn were ahead of us fooling around while Louis was busy texting. Me and Niall stayed at the end

"So, what did you think about Melody?" Niall asked out of the blue. It's a bit funny how he brought it out of nowhere but I brushed it off

"I think she was pretty. Why do you ask?" He shrugged his shoulders

"I kinda like her" he added. I felt a rush of blood rush through my body. I like her, a lot. I have to call her before he does

"Well. Night guys. I'll be going to bed now" I announced as I got to my room. The boys looked back at me in confusion

"But it's only 10 p.m.?" Louis question

"I know. Im just...really tired" I lied. They believe me and left me behind. I rushed to unlock my door. I quickly step in and jump onto my bed. I dial her number and she picks up. Yes, I've succeed. I know she's mine for sure. 


*hope you like it x) ill be posting every 3-4 days :) this was edited by @Emily_ TacoFreak she's an awesome story writer I suggest reading her storie also cuz there great! 
Love you guys and again I hope you like it plz vote and comment :)

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