Diana , the girl everybody crowded away from . The girl that was smart on the outside but secretly broken on the inside. The girl that fell for someone who just might fix her injuries .

"Nobody can like someone as broken as me" i confessed

"But baby, you're not broken , you're just injured . But I can fix that" he said pressing his soft lips against mine.


1. Cruel

No one had ever heard the wind blow this hard

I sat in my bedroom looking outside the window . Watching as the little droplets of water slide down my window. 


Of coarse . It's England . I mean what do you seriously expect ? It rains like hell here . 

There seems to be two storms going on right now though . One outside and one inside. With my parents downstairs constantly fighting over Lord know what. 

That causes me to be the innocent little bisector that gets injured in the long run. 

I'm constantly having a war with myself in my head. I've very indecisive and too pushy . 

I'm really tired of all this shit . Life that is. I cry every night just wishing I could have my life back but I know I can't . I've tried everything. I've cut . Too many times to count. I've over dosed . I've tried to hang. But nothing. Tho only thing that i'm not going to do is shoot myself . No thanks. 

I walk over to my art area in the corner of my room to my huge painting papers. I look through them and see one that I always look at . 

His green eyes, his curly hair, his indents on his perfect face. He's the only thing that keeps me sane. 

The only problem is he has no idea I exist. 


Next morning 


I wake up to the gloomy day that tourists "love" so much. 

Time for school .

Here's my belief on school .


I hate school . There's only two things I look forward to going. 


2)Harry Styles. 

You see , i've known Harry Styles ever since I was a baby really . We used to be close until my parents started fighting that is. They would never let me out of the house causing me to grow up to the anti-social awkward turtle I am today. Harry is popular at my school but he is still the gentleman i've grown up to know. Of coarse we don't talk , but whenever we would make eye contact with me in the hallway , he always smiled and waved. I know, it's stupid right ? But he's the only person who would ever do that. 

Everyone in the entire bloody school knew that I had a major crush on him . But I don't care . it's not like he can actually love or even like a girl like me.

I get ready and look at my reflection . 

I'm Diana. My brunette long and thick hair are brushed into place, and my glasses are pushed onto my face. My glasses kind of sort of bring out my green eyes but nobody really cares to actually notice.

 I'm 17 years old and I have no idea why i'm still alive. 

I head downstairs and my parents are off to work already . 

The distance to school is fairly short , about 5 minutes so I usually walk there. 

Once I get there the bell rings .

First period 


I walk in and there Harry is , in his normal seat . All the girls around him . 

Why do i care ? I mean , it's not like he'll chose me over those girls in a second. 

that's only in your dreams Diana .

Did I mention he's in EVERY single one of my classes . Except for Art . He takes music instead . He's a pretty good singer . 

 I spend most of that class just doodling and stuff. I'm the 'nerd' if I were to have a title . So i don't need any notes or anything to pass the tests.

Period 2


Finally ! 

i rush out of my Calculus class to the art room where Carl greets me. Carl is the art teacher he's my favorite teacher because he feels my pain . The sad thing is , he's my only 'Real' friend. 

Pathetic, i know. 

I went to my canvas and started painting . None other than Harry . I have the spot in the way back .  I don't like other people watching me paint or draw. It frustrates me. 

"Aww , well what do we have here ?" I hear a high pitched voice say behind me. 

I turn my head to see none other than Ashley . 

Head Cheerleader,


from hell.

Everyone knows that she's likes Harry since forever. Although she throws herself at every guy she meets, she seriously goes ALL out for Harry . 

But Harry is to modest to fall for her bitchy ways. 

"I-It's nothing " I stutter standing up and covering my painting of Harry.

"Does little Diana have a crush on Harry ?" She said smirking . You can see the creases on her face and all of that crap caked on very clearly. 

"N-no I don't" She chuckles. 

"Ha ! A guys like Harry would NEVER love a girl like you ." She smiled. 

All eyes were on us and I swear my face was beat read right now. She came up to me . And At first I thought she was going to slap me or something , so my first instinct was to shield . 

When i felt nothing , I opened my eyes , I realized she had taken my painting !

She has music with Harry .

And she's gonna. 

Holy Shit.

I got up and ran to her . I was right behind her .

"Stop ! Give it back ! " I yelled

"How about no ?" she yelled back .

UGH ! 

She ran into her music room and went into the front of the class . And just my luck, harry was in the front. I walked in and stayed by the door. 

"Ashley , please . Give it back" I begged

"Shut up " she snapped.

Everyone had stopped what they were doing and looked at us . 

I was on the verge of tears. Holding it in by biting the inside of my cheek.

"Hey guys !" She called out

"Ashley !" I called.

She shot me an icy glare .

"So we all know Diana I presume ?" She smirked.






"WELL ! " everyone snapped their attention back at her. 

"Seems like she is not only a geek , but the dork can actually draw ! " She sounded surprised. 

"Who the fuck is Diana?" I heard someones quiet conversation

"Is she the depressed one?" Another asked

"yeah . She's the one who uh ..yeah" I heard another one whisper


"Yes that one. But that's not all about her " she arched her brow looking at me.

"Seems like she has a little crush on someone !" 

"oooooohh !" everyone sounded like 5 year old .

She did what I dreaded.

"The poor little girl here has a crush on Harry Styles" she mocked 

She turned the painting around to reveal the painting of Harry. Everyone was quiet at first , examining the portrait . Then the first person started to laugh . Then it emerged into a whole crowd laughing . Wolf whistles and laughing. 

I felt my skin crawl and my blood boil . My tears just started spilling out . I looked at Harry . He looked back at me with a sympathetic look.

 I turned around ran outside of the room. I ran outside of the school and stopped at the steps. I sat and just started to cry. How could she be so cruel ?

I heard the door of the school open and feet scurry over to me. I looked to me right and saw white converse. I only know one person who wears those. 



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