One Way Out

Summer Stanford is what you would consider a sweet country girl from the city. She wears light dresses, jean jackets, and boots. The problem? Her father is the basketball coach at her high school Paradise Falls High. So of course, he wants her to be a pro at it but she isn't. She hates basketball and isn't good at it. So, she has to face punishments from her father, and she takes it without arguing. When Noah comes into the picture though, she has to decide between what she wants, and what her father wants.


1. Chapter 1

 I was sweating buckets and my knees were about to give out. My lungs felt as though they were about to explode. Also, my hands were completely numb. Giving up, I fell down to my knees. 
        "Summer, get back up and continue practicing!" my dad ordered, though I could barely hear him through the ringing in my ears. I shook my head lightly. 
        "I... I can't," I said between getting breaths. 
        "I will never hear you say that word again, do you understand?" he shouted. I didn't want to argue, but I couldn't stand up. I tried, and I couldn't. 
        "I really can't," I whispered, on the verge of tears. He groaned in disappointment. 
        "This is why I wanted a son! Get up and get back to practicing so you can be worth something!" It was all my dad cared about. Basketball. By now, tears were already starting to fall, but I kept them back as best I could. Finally, I was able to stand back up. Taking a deep breath, I dribbled and shot but missed but a mile. 
        "Work on your aim, a monkey can do better than that!" I tried hard to block out his insults but I couldn't. It only made things worse. I could barely see anything and my whole body was shaking. After what seemed like hours, he finally let me go back inside. 
        "Just go to your room and go to bed," he snarled, mumbling some words I couldn't hear very well. Walking upstairs, I locked my door and changed from my basketball clothes into my night gown. Slipping into my covers, I held back tears. I was never good enough for him. I was nothing but a disappointment. The tears wouldn't stay in, and they came falling. 
        While I was crying though, I tried to be as quiet as I could, since crying was being weak, and if he heard, he would hate me even more. I wished I could play basketball. That was all he cared about. All I wanted to be was amazing at basketball, but that obviously wasn't going to happen. 
        Sure, I got good grades, but that didn't matter. I was well behaved but he didn't care. All he wanted was to have a daughter he could be proud of, which I wasn't. Soon enough, I drifted off to sleep, escaping to another world for a little while.

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