Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


14. Water park pt 2

( I'm going to switch POV's in this)


Liam's family arrived about a half hour ago.

     " We are going on the slide!" Liam's sister dragged me all the way up the stairs until we reached the top.

" was that really necessary? " I gasped heavily letting out a laugh.

     " One, Two, Three!" We dropped down the narrow slide, screaming and laughing.

We reached the bottom with are heads quickly dunking beneath the water. There were girls in front of us slowly stepping out with their swimsuit bottom up their arse. I tried holding in a laugh.

     " What's next?" I grabbed Ruth's hand and ran back towards the family.

" Where have you all been. We are about to eat." The food was set out on the beach towels and we all took a seat.

     " Boo!" A pair of cold arms wrapped themselves tightly around me.

" Liam!!" I shivered, wrapping a dry towel around my shoulders. He smirked and sat beside me.

     The water park would be closing soon so we all hurried to do what we please. Cameron was off talking with some girl, Nicola and Ruth were off doing their own thing, and the parents chatted with each other before we had to leave.

" What would you like to do love?" Liam linked arms with me as we walked around. He suggested the wave pool.

     " Liam I don't want to!" I pouted.

" And why not?" He crossed his arms before dragging me off.

The pool was filled with children screaming and laughing as the waves rolled in, while the adults just sort of sat there.

" I almost drowned in one when I was younger!" I whined.

     " I promise I won't let that happen." He grabbed a yellow raft and pulled me into the water.

We held onto the handles as the waves pushed through the crowds of people. I squealed loudly and Liam let out a laugh. Out of nowhere I was pulled beneath the water.

     " Liam!" I chocked on the water while it continued to splash into my face. He hadn't even noticed that I was gone. There must have been over twenty of those rafts in the water making very little room for me to surface.

" Liam!" I tried again. I couldn't see him. A raft came rolling towards me, knocking me under the water. I held my breath and looked up. There was no opening for me to surface. It felt like being underwater and having the ice freeze above you, while you are trapped. I was pushed into a wall and everything went dark.


Liam's POV:

     Holland squealed as the waves begin to move the raft around. I laughed looking back at her. She was silent the rest oh the time. As the waves stopped I looked back, she was gone.

     " Holland?" Maybe she got out already? I dragged the raft out of the water and put it away?

" Holland?" She was nowhere to be seen. Lifeguards swarmed around the wave pool. They were pulling somebody out. Holland? " Holland!" her eyes were closed shut.

     " Liam what's going on?" The rest of the family came towards me. " Wheres Holland?" Her father asked. My hand was covering my mouth as I shakily pointed towards his still daughter.

The ambulance took her off minutes later. 

     " Is she okay! tell me she is okay! Is she awake?" Hollands mother asked the doctor quickly.

My head was in the palm of my hands. This is all my fault. " It is not your fault!" Nicola pointed at me. I rolled my eyes.

     " She is not awake yet but she should be in the next few hours. It seems like she hit her head. She needed about six stitches and she has a mild concussion. When she is out of here we will send your pharmacy a perception for any pain." We thanked the doctor and headed into her room.

She laid peacefully on the bed with her hair spread out like a hallow.

" Hi love." I kissed her hand. Grayson sat on the side of her bed and curled into her lap. 

     " Sissy it's time to get up." Grayson poked her. His father laughed.

" She's still tired dear." His mother kissed his head, he nodded and whispered, " go back to sleep."

The family went to pick up some dinner while I stayed with Holland. I sighed and sat in the chair beside her. " I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made you go." I played with her wavy hair.

I laid back into the chair and fell asleep.


Holland's POV:

     I opened my eyes and looked around my room. It smelled like latex and cleaning products. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. 

" Liam?" He sat beside of the bed. Soft snores escaped his lips. I giggled before trying to get him up. " Liam! Wake up! Liam! Liam! Liam!" I shook his shoulder. He groaned and turned around in his chair. " Shut up Holland." I mumbled tiredly. 

     " Well fine then." I huffed and crossed my arms.

" Holland!" He shouted, putting me into a bone crushing hug. " Oh my gosh your awake! I'm so sorry! It's my fault! I shoul-" I pecked his lips making him shut up. He shut his mouth and blushed wildly.

     " It wasn't your fault! I'm just accident prone!" I laughed and he joined with me.

" Oh honey your awake! How are you feeling?" My mother hugged me. " I'm fine. My heads just a bit sore." My father came in and hugged me.

     " Alright well we will pick up the perception later but for now we can get going." I nodded my head and slowly got up.

We sat in the car as we drove home. " Well Liam, I guess you got your payback." I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled.

     " What an interesting day don't you think?" He asked with a laugh.

" Yeah, lets not do it again."   






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