Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


13. Water park pt 1


     " You can't stay in here forever you know." I poked my head from underneath my warm blanket. " The hell I cant." I grumbled and returned back underneath the blanket. Liam grumbled in annoyance. " Fine then." I thought he was heading out the door but, he got under the covers with me. " I'm not leaving." He wrapped an arm around my waist and I drifted back to sleep.

     "Is she okay?"

" Yeah I think so. She's sleeping right now." Liam sighed. 

I rubbed my eyes and sat up from the bed. Liam stood in the corner of my room, his back turned towards me. He was on his phone.

" I'll kick his ass" Liam chuckled a bit.

     " I'm right there with you. I'll talk to you later I think she's about to wake up." I laid back down and closed my eyes shut.

" Holland?" He ran his fingers through my thick hair. I yawned and stretched. " What time is it?" I looked around for a clock. " It's almost twelve." I nodded and sat up. " I called the school and told them you wouldn't be in." He told me.

"Thank you." I kissed his cheek and headed into the kitchen.

     " Liam why is there no food!" I whined while looking through the empty pantry. " I don't know love." He chuckled. " Pizza?" I shook my head. " We have that to much." He nodded his head. " Chinese!" We both shouted, giggling like school girls. He called delivery and sat on the couch beside me. " Your a great friend you know?" I looked up at him. He kissed my temple and nodded cheekily. " I know I am." I hit his arm and rolled my eyes. 

" Food!" Liam and I raced towards the door.

     Liam paid the man and headed back into the living room. " just what the doctor ordered." I licked my lips. He laughed at me.

" You know you can't stay at home all week right?" I looked at him. " and why not?" I crossed my arms stubbornly. 

" Kill your demons before they kill you." He left me thinking.

     " Hey when are we going to that water park?" I changed topic. " Oh! I almost forgot. I believe it's tomorrow!" His eyes lit up.

" Really! Yes!" I cheered.

Liam skipped school with me for the rest of the day. We laid around and did absolutely nothing.

     " You want to come pick up Grayson with me?" Liam nodded his head yes and got up, pulling me with him.

We pulled into the parking lot of Grayson's school and waited by the side walk. " Hey babe." I grabbed his hand and we walked back towards the car. " How was your day?" He looked up at me.

" We made macaroni necklaces! See look!" He handed me the small, decorated string. " Good job bud." I smiled at him.

     He talked about the rest of his day until we arrived home. " look its the school slut!" A few boys from Liam and I's school were walking down the street. " Take Grayson inside." I told Liam. He looked at me wearily before nodding.

" How much do you charge for a bj?" The boys snickered around him. " what the hell is going on at school Chris?" I addressed one of them. " It's not really good Holland. Some believe that this was a sick game but, others.. well they are thinking the worst that could be thought. Even some teachers."He looked down.

     " T-the teachers know." I chocked on my tears. " Holland I've known you since you were young. I know that this isn't something you would do." He gave me a reassuring smile.

" why are you talking to the slut?" One rolled his eyes. " Like you didn't enjoy it. Call me and we could have a wicked time." He winked and headed off. I jumped as he placed a smack on my behind. 

     I ran inside as quickly as I could. Forgetting about Liam and Grayson, I screamed, dropping to the floor. My sobs were strangled. I cried for what seems like hours. My throat burned. 

Arms were wrapped around me tightly as if I would fall apart at any given moment. " shhh. I'm not leaving, ever."

A small body curled into mine. " It's okay sissy. I love you." He kissed my tear stained cheeks. I looked down at him. Giving him a pained smile. 


     My parents didn't come home last night. They were having a party at work so Liam stayed over with me.

" Holland it's water park day! Your parents said they would be home soon and to get ready! I already helped Grayson. Now you!" He jumped onto my bed, crushing me underneath him.

" Liam off!" I coughed, pushing him off of me. I hopped off of the bed, wrapping the blanket around my cold body. My eyes were blood shot and my nose a slight shade of pink. " Go take a shower, I'll get your things packed." I nodded and headed into the bathroom. 

     I wrapped the fluffy pink towel around my body, holding it tight. I opened the door and scurried down the hall way. " Whoa!" I ran into Liam's chest and the towel pooled around my feet. " I'm sorry!" He covered his eyes, a blush clearly seen. I screeched and ran into my room leaving the towel behind. I could feel the blush from my cheeks. I sat on the bed and just laughed. I could hear Liam stifle a laugh from outside the door. 

" You forgot your towel!" He shouted and opened my door. I shrieked and hid under the blankets, covering my very nude body. " Liam go away!" I laughed. He through the towel onto the bed and shut the door.

 My cheeks were redder than ever. " I hate him." I whispered to my self.

     " You know you love me! you know you care! You shout whenever-"

" Liam shut up!" He went down stairs and left me to get dressed.

Liam set out my two piece baby blue bikini. I smiled, he knows its my favorite. I looked in the mirror to see remains of bites still on my neck. I sighed and put concealer on the areas need, being most of my neck. I wasn't able to see around my neck.

     " Liam?" His foot steps traveled up the stairs.

" Yeah?" I opened the door and let him in. I looked up at him a bit shyly. His cheeks were still red. I tried not to laugh, " Can you put this on the back of my neck?" He looked confused until he saw the splotchy bruising.  He sighed but nodded. I winced as he covered the areas needed. I sighed and looked at the ground in shame. Niall caused all of this. I hadn't noticed the bruises on my thighs until I had taken a shower. Those were slightly worse but harder to notice. I only remembered a few things from that night. I remember his eyes, a scary dark blue. He smelled of peppermint and his kiss, as much as i hate to say it, intoxicating.

     " Is that it?" Liam brought me out of my trance. I nodded, still looking down. He kissed my shoulder leaving goose bumps. " He doesn't count you know." I looked up at him. 

" He doesn't count as your first. If you don't remember, it doesn't count." He sat me down on the bed. " What are you doing?" He pulled my legs towards the end of the bed. " Li-"

" You missed a spot." He dabbed the middle of my thighs with his index and middle fingers. I gasped in surprise, holding my breath until he finished. 

     " Done." He set the kit on the nightstand and left the door. " what the hell was that." I put my head in the palm of my hands. My heart still racing. 

" Mommy, daddy!!" I high pitch voice squealed. I laughed at my little brothers excitement and headed down the stairs.  

     " Hey you." Cameron came up to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I smiled at him.

" Everyone ready?" We were all seated in the car and headed off. 

" Liam are your parents and sisters meeting us there?" My father asked. Liam nodded his head politely.  The rest of the drive was pretty quite except when Grayson decided that it would be a good idea to bounce up and down on Liam's lap. His face was scrunched up as he tried to keep Grayson still. I was trying to hold in my laugh. Grayson looked up at him innocently, I laughed.

Liam glared at me as I continued to laugh.

     " We're here!" My mother cheered. I hopped out of the car and looked around. The sun beat brightly down onto my shoulders.

" I'm so going to get you back." Liam whispered. I smirked holding in my laugh.

Let the day at the water park... Begin!!! 


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