Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


12. Their own sick game


     " Mrs. Horan?" My eyes widened and my face became pale. " I didn't know you were here dear. How ni-" " Sorry I really have to go." I sprinted out of the house. Niall's curtains were pulled to the side. Niall's eyes followed me as I ran, looking just a shocked as me.

     " Where were you." Cameron was sat on the couch. I shrugged him off, running up the stairs.

28 missed calls all from Niall. I picked up my phone.

" Holland? Whats up?" His cheery voice made me smile. " I'm such a screw up ya know." I whispered. " Why? Holland I'll be over soon ok?" He told me. I said ok and put down the phone. I sighed laying back down on my bad, rubbing my neck.

     " Ouch." I looked in the mirror. There were tiny bruises all along my neck. I looked down in shame and covered them with my jacket.

     " Holland?" Liam walked in and pecked my nose. Awwww! I smiled. " Whats that?" I pointed to whatever was behind his back. He smiled, pulling out around ten movies and a tub of ice cream.          "Thank you!" I shouted and pecked his cheek. He popped in the movie and laid down beside me.

" Wanna explain to me how you are such a screw up?" He propped himself up with his elbows. I shrugged. " I did something really stupid." I muttered. " And that would be..?" He encouraged me.

      " I slefffph wurth Nurhll." I mumbled into my pillow. " I can't understand you with a pillow covering your face love." He pulled it away. I sighed, taking a deep breath. " I uh slept with Niall..." I barley whispered. His eyes widened and I understood that he had heard me that time.

" WHAT! Holland what the hell were you thinking! When! what!? Omygosh I'm so lost!" He muttered, his hands in his face.

     I sniffled, wiping my eyes on my sleeve. He sighed looking at me. He pulled me into his chest and my head resting on it. " I didn't mean to make you cry." He soothed.

" I-i d-don't know w-what even h-happened." I hiccuped.

     " What do you mean." " Like I think I was drunk. I don't remember a lot." I sniffled again. " I uh that's n-not all.." I told him, looking down.

" Oh my god tell me you're not pregnant I swear I'll kill him!" " Liam shut up! I'm not! I think." I muttered the last part.

" I uh took some of those pills." I hardly whispered. Liam shot out of bed and pulled out my dresser rapidly. I jumped in surprise. He wouldn't even look at me. He searched through until he found the small baggy filled with about four pills.

     " You promised." His voice cracked, his eyes glassy. " I k-know.."    

" Why would you do this to your self! Why don't you see that people do care? That I care! I thought you stopped this shit! Remember when I saved you! I had to watch out for you for months! I did that because I care Holland! Why can't you see that!" He yelled, walking out of my room and slamming the door shut. I sat on my bed with my mouth hung wide open. 

My eyes screwed shut trying to block the world out but, it just would go away.


     " Time for school!" Cameron yelled, excited for his new job. I quickly got dressed and headed towards the kitchen.

" Morning." I kissed Grayson's head. He smiled looking up at me.

" Alright Ms. May lets go."

" Yes Sir!" I saluted following Cameron out to the car. I rode with him figuring that Liam wouldn't pick me up. I really did screw up. " I'll see ya later." I hugged Cameron and headed into the school. " Holland!" I turned around to see Liam waving at me. I walked over shyly.

     " Ya know I could have picked you up today?" I looked up at him shyly. He smiled down and hugged me. " You're still my best friend. Nothing will change that." " I'm such a screw up. I really don't deserve a friend like you." He tilted my chin up.

" We all screw up sometimes you know?" I shrugged. The bell rang and we headed off to class together.

     " Ya know today is Cameron's first day on the job." Liam smiled. " Really? I think I have Spanish after lunch with you." He told me.

" Miss. May do I need to separate you two?" The teacher asked.

     "No Miss." Liam smirked at me and I rolled my eyes. " Liam stop touching my stuff!" I whined loudly. Liam glared at me. " Mr. Payne, Miss May I will see you after school." Liam glared again and I snickered. " Don't mess with me." I laughed quietly. The teacher looked back at us one more time before turning around.

" What do you have next?" I handed Liam my schedule. " Hmm you have art.. and I have P.E. so I'll see you at lunch." He handed me back my schedule and headed off in the other direction. 

     Art class is one of my favorites. It's my secret way to express myself. No one else needs to understand it. Just me. The teacher let us doodle today. So basically meaning that he forgot to start a project. My pencil slowly marked the white paper.

" You dropped this." I looked to see Niall. I gulped grabbing my schedule from his hand. " Uh thanks." I told him quietly and looked away. " Tell anyone and i'll kill you." Ladies and gentle men, Niall Horan for you. I rolled my eyes.

     " I still want to talk to you later though." He slightly pulled out a baggy with a few of the pills that he took from me. I shrunk into my seat, avoiding his gaze. " Why the hell would you do something so stupid?"

" Why the hell would you care!?" I snapped right back. " I-uh I don't! It's just stupid." He muttered. " Oh like you haven't tried it." I rolled my eyes. His eyes were red, " You don't fucking know me Holland so watch your damn mouth." He snapped. I looked down at my paper and continued to draw.

     " I used to know you Niall. Not anymore." The bell rang and the halls began to flood.

I walked to my locker and put my things away. A group of girls snickered  and stared at me. One pointed and nodded to another. I looked away.

     " Hey what's going on?" I asked catching up to Liam. He looked nervous? " Nothing, why?" He lied. He is so bad at lying. " Alright." I rolled my eyes and we walked down the halls. " Hey Holland." Claire ran towards me. She is a friend of mine. " Hey what up?" "We need to talk." She grabbed my arm pulling me away with her leaving Liam by himself.

" Have you heard the talk about you and Niall?"  She asked.

" What are you talking about?" I looked at her.

" There's a video of you two at a club a few days ago. It's not a very clean video.." She mumbled.

My eyes widened. " Have you seen it?" She nodded her head. " Yeah but I couldn't watch the rest.. Don't you remember?"

" Honestly you probably know more than me on what even happened." I rubbed my face with the palms of my hands before sighing loudly.

" Well I think some of it was planed. Like the video is all set up but, you were just a bonus." She tried to explain.

"What do you mean?" I am so confused!

" I think in the beginning it showed Niall with his friends and they were doing some bets and then you showed up. They included you into the bet, their own sick game."  

My eyes widened. I thought Niall and I were both drunk but, no. It was only me. They used me. They used me for their own sick game.



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