Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


7. Skip day


     " Liam get up!" I shouted in his ear. His eyes popped open in surprise while he fell off the bed. " Was that really necessary?" He groaned.

" What time is it?" He asked slowly rubbing his eyes.  " It's time to get up!" I shouted jumping up and down on the bed. " It's to early for this Holland." He chuckled while sitting up. " Can we skip school today? Pretty please?" I said with my bottom lip pouted and big puppy dog eyes.

     " Yeah I guess. We can have a lazy day. I'll go tell my mum." He told me while he began to call. You see once a month Liam and I always have a skip day and we usually do something fun, it's our own little tradition that we have done since maybe the eighth grade . Like last month we went to the fair while everyone else was stuck in boring old school.

" What did she say?" I asked impatiently. He smiled and nodded his head. " I'll go and ask now." I hopped off my bed and headed down the stairs. " Morning Holland." Dad smiled. " Daddy can Liam have a skip day today?" I asked him.

     He smirked at me and chuckled. " You're so lucky that your mother and I don't mind. And Mr. and Mrs. Payne for that matter." He laughed. " Thank you daddy!" I shouted running up the stairs. " I take it as a yes?" Liam laughed. I nodded my head with a huge smile plastered across my face.  " So what's the plan for today?" He asked plopping down on my bed like a starfish.

I sat down next to him. " Hmm... Movie, mall, zoo, ... ZOO!" Liam and I shouted at the same time. " Alright let get going!" He shouted in excitment.  I changed into my favorite swag outfit ( will be posted in my mumbles) and headed down the stairs. " Holland you're taking for-evvverrr!" Liam whined waiting impatiently by the front door.

     " Sissy can I come?" Grayson asked  looking at Liam and I. " Liam you don't mind do you?" I asked. " Of course not, lets go buddy." Grayson hopped onto Liam's back and they headed out the door. " By Mom and Dad!" I shouted as I closed the door.

     " One child, Two adults." Liam said to the man. " Sissy I want to go in now!" Grayson cheered in excitement. " One second." I shushed him. Liam got the tickets and we headed inside. " Can we see the penguins?" Grayson asked with big eyes. I nodded my head and he ran straight over to them.

" Do they have the indoor ice rink opened yet?" Liam asked. " They might I'm not sure we can go check. Grayson let's go." He pouted for a bit but headed over to Liam and I. " You want to see if the ice rink is open?" He nodded his head with a huge smile. " It's Open!" Liam shouted. Grayson and I ran over to him and headed inside.

     " How do you tie these damn things!?" I groaned in frustration trying to tie the skates. Liam and Grayson headed over to me with their skates already tied.

" Need any help?" Liam asked slightly laughing at my frustration. " No!" I wailed. " Alright then I'll see you in a few minutes." He laughed grabbing Grayson's hand and heading onto the ice. I tried for another five minutes before I gave up. " Liam help me!" I whined.

     Grayson giggled and hobbled over to me in his skates. " Need help sissy?" I nodded my head in defeat. He bent down and was showing me how to tie them. Liam stood behind him stifling a laugh.  " Don't even say it." I laughed at him as we headed onto the ice. Grayson was skating with a few other kids around his age while Liam and I were having a race. The last time I went ice skating I was about eight years old. At Niall's birthday party. " You alright?" Liam asked slowing down. " Yeah just thinking." I mumbled. " Can you still do the moon walk on ice?" I asked him. He nodded and did so. I clapped my hands while he bowed.

     " Niall!" Grayson shouted in delight. Liam and I shared confused looks before heading over to Grayson. " Grayson where are you?" I shouted. He came over dragging someone along behind him. Niall.

" Grayson we have to get going. Lets go." I grabbed his hand. " But I want to see Niall sissy!" He pouted. " Hi Holland." Niall smirked. " Not now we're going." I grabbed his hand making him follow beside me. " Hey Holland, I'll see you tonight!" Niall shouted from the distance. " What?"

     " Your parents are coming over tonight." He smirked. I rolled my eyes and put my skates away. " Maybe you could tell your parents you're having dinner at my house." Liam suggested. " Never works. They always make me go." I groaned.

" Do you want to get going?" He asked. " Yeah I just want to go home and relax." I yawned. Grayson hopped in the back seat with a sour look on his face. " Grayson drop the attitude okay? You'll see him tonight." I scolded at him. He glared at me and faced his head towards the window. " I never get to see him anymore." He pouted. Oh Grayson, if you only knew.

     " Hi darling didn't think you would be back so soon." Mom smiled as we all headed into the house. " We were going to watch a few movies. Oh and can I go to Liam's for dinner?" I asked hopefully.

" Not tonight. We are all going to Mr. and Mrs. Horan's for dinner tonight." She told me. I nodded my head sadly. " What movies do you want to watch?" I asked Liam while I plopped down onto the couch. " Scary or Disney and Pixar?" He questioned as he looked through the movies. " Hmmm scary?" I asked. He nodded his head and grabbed a few movies.

" I got The Ring, Signs, Orphan, and some of the Paranormal activity movies." He told me. He put one of the movies in and sat down on the couch. " My mom's making me go tonight." I grumbled angrily. " You'll be fine and If not you can always call me." He assured. I nodded my head and leaned on his side. " I haven't seen this movie in so long." I said as the title " Signs" came across the big screen. " Me either." He said.

     " Holland we're going to have to leave soon." Dad told me as he headed into the kitchen. " I have to get going." Liam said looking at me. " Alright." I sighed sitting up. " It'll be fine I promise." He kissed my cheek and headed out the front door. " Holland let's get a move on." Dad said as he started the car.

     " Hello Holland. I barley see you around anymore." Mrs. Horan welcomed me in. " Yeah sorry about that." I smiled at her and headed into the family room. Everything is exactly as I remember it. This place used to be like a second home to me.

" Oh Holland Niall invited a few of his friends over. You might know them." She told me with a smile. I gulped nervously before nodding. Grayson went to go look for Niall and Mom and Dad were chatting with Niall's parents.

     I sat quietly in the family room as I scrolled down old messages trying to entertain myself. The seat next to me sunk down a bit as someone took a seat. " You're Holland right?" The person questioned. I nodded my head before looking up at them. Uhg one of the idiot joks off of the football team.

" I'm Nathan." He smirked. " I don't care." I rolled my eyes getting up off of the couch.

     " Dinner!" Mrs. Horan said from inside the kitchen. I slowly trudged into the kitchen and took a seat. Niall had a few guys off of the football team over. I took a seat besides Grayson and on the other side of me Nathan took a seat. Grayson looked so happy to see Niall even though he was ignoring him. We were all there for about another two hours before we headed home. Liam texted me as soon as I walked into my bedroom.

From: Liam- It wasn't that bad was it?

     To: Liam- Uhg yes and no.

From: Liam- wat does that mean?

     To: Liam- idk night.

     I shut my phone off and climbed into my soft bed. " Sissy?" Grayson peeked his head in through the door. " Yeah?" I asked looking at him. He walked up to my bed and climbed in. " What's wrong?" I asked him.

" Niall doesn't like me anymore does he?" He asked sadly.

     " He doesn't like a lot of people anymore Grayson." I shrugged. " Can I stay in here tonight?" He asked innocently. I nodded my head sleepily. He got comfortable before he rested his head on my shoulder.

" Night sissy." He mumbled.

     " Good night Grayson." I kissed the top of his head and went to sleep.



( The outfit will be posted in my mumbles. And thank you guys so much for all of the likes and fans!!! I love reading all of your comment and maybe besides just saying " update" over and over again, maybe tell me what you like and don't like about the story. Give me some criticism please? Like, Favorite, Comment.)

ILYSM, ~ Savannah <3 <3 <3

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