Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


4. Party gone wrong


" Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Liam continuously shouted while he jumped on the bed. " Will you stop it already!" I groaned into the pillow. I squinted my eyes open to see Liam standing on the bed wide awake. " Uhg it's too early for this Liam !" I complained.

     " We have a party tonight! We have to go shopping and you have to get you're hair done and, and, what am I forgetting? Shoot I forgot!" He gasped. " Liam you sound like a total girl!" I laughed at him. He smirked evilly at me. " Liam put me down!" I shouted at him as he carried me down the stairs. " Who want's to go swimming?" He smirked at me. Oh not again.

" Don't you even think about it." I threatened as he took me outside by the pool.

     " One..." 




      "Three...!" He shouted and threw me into the freezing cold pool. I poked my head out from under the water glaring at him. Of course he was in hysterics.

" You're such a jerk." I grumbled as I walked past him. Mrs. Payne stood in the kitchen laughing at us and handed me a towel to dry off with. " You never learn darling." She laughed and headed into the living room. I shook my head with a smile on my face.

     "Breakfast is on the stove!" She shouted. Haha Liam isn't going to get any. You want to know why? I locked him out!  "Food!" Liam shouted as he headed into the kitchen. " How the hell did you get in here?" I questioned him. " It's called the front door love." He smirked and grabbed a plate. " Damn." I murmured.

     " When do you want to leave?" I asked him. " In about thirty minutes. The mall shouldn't be too crowded." He told me. I nodded and went upstairs to get changed. " Are you ready yet?" He shouted sounding impatient.

" It's only been five minutes! Give me some time, sheeh." I said as I headed down the stairs. " It's about time." He said. " You just need to shut up alright? Alright." I laughed and we headed out to his car. " Where do you want to go first?" He asked. " I'm just going to look around a bit, you can do whatever and we can meet up by the food court?" I asked him. He nodded his head and walked off. I bought my clothes for the party which no one will see until the party. I went into the hair salon and got my hair dip dyed.    

From: Liam- R U ready yet?

To: Liam- Ya go to the food court.

     I press sent and headed out of the salon. " Holland!" Liam shouted from across the food court. I laughed and walked over towards him. " Woah." He had his mouth hanging open. " Does it look alright?" I asked him nervously. " OMG yes! Gurl you look perf!" He said and snapped his fingers. " My friend is insane." I whispered to myself.

" Hey I heard that!" He pouted. " What time is the party at?' I asked him. " We have about three hours. So we should head back to mine or I can drop you off at your place." He told me. " I have most of my things at my place so just drop me off at home?" I asked him.  He nodded his head and we headed back to the car. " Alright I'll pick you up in a few hours. Bye!" Liam shouted as he drove off.

     " Hey Grayson." I smiled at him.

" Sissy where you been?" He asked looking up at me. " I spent the night with Liam. Didn't mommy tell you?" I asked him. He shook his little head no and pouted. " I'm sorry bud, next time I promise I will let you know. Maybe you can stay the night with Liam and I?" I asked him. His eyes lit up in excitement.

     " I miss Liam." He said. " Well he will be over soon. Maybe he will come and say hi." I told him. He nodded his head yes and headed back to his room.  " Hi dad." I smiled as I walked into the kitchen. " Is it alright if I stay with Liam tonight? We were going to go to a small party." I asked. " Sure just be safe and use pr-" I stopped him.

" Oh my god dad just don't." I mumbled walking away. He was still in the kitchen laughing. I headed up into my bedroom and changed into my outfit. I did a simple cat eye and headed down the stairs.


To: Liam- You on ur way?

     as soon as I hit send the door bell rang. " I'll get it!" I shouted as I ran towards the door. " Hey." I smiled at Liam as I opened the door. " You look nice." He smiled. " Thank you." I said as I looked down at my new dress.


     " Wait here, there is someone here that misses you." I told him as I rushed off. " Grayson, Liam's here." I told my little brother. He jumped off of his bed and went to go find him. " Liam!" I heard him shout. I headed into the living room to see Grayson hugging Liam's leg. " I missed you Liam." Grayson told him.

" I missed you to bud." Liam told him. " Hey Grayson we got to go now. We'll so you soon alright? Love you bud." I said kissing his cheek and I headed outside with Liam following behind me. " You ready?" He asked as we got in the car. " You got it." I said and he zoomed off.

     " Are you sure about this?" I asked him as we pulled up outside of the house. People were already drunk and the lawn was filled with trash.

" YOLO!" He laughed and got out to open my door. " Why thank you." I laughed and we headed inside. " I'll catch you later." Liam shouted as he walked off leaving me alone

     . " Holland!" Elena and Maria came running towards me giggling like crazy. " How the hell are you guys already drunk?" I asked them. " I * hiccup* am not!" Maria pouted as she skipped off. I laughed at her as she ran into a wall. I think she had a whole conversation with it. " I promise I'm fine. For now." Elena laughed.

" Let's dance!" She shouted over the loud music. I nodded my head and we headed into a room filled with people grinding and people who were intoxicated. What a great combination. We danced half of the night.

     " Having fun?" Someone wrapped their arms around my waist as we continued to dance. " Sure as hell am!" I shouted over the music. " Holland you better not be drunk yet." The person scolded. " Oh hey Liam." I laughed. I might have been a bit tipsy but not drunk. Liam Went to go get some drinks and I continued to have fun. A pair off arms slithered around me while I continued to dance . " Hey love." The person chuckled. It wasn't Liam.

" Leave me alone Styles." I hissed trying to free myself from his grip. " Oh come on Holland. Just one dance." He said. I hate him so much. I danced with him for about ten minutes, still waiting for Liam to come back. " You can dance better than this Holland." He told me. His hands slid up and down my thigh trying to raise my dress.

     " Fuck of Styles." I shouted over the music and went to find Liam. " Hey Holland!" Liam shouted from the kitchen. " What the hell has been taking you so long?" I asked him." Sorry * hiccup* I got distracted." He laughed. I grabbed a drink off of the counter and gulped it down. " Oh my god this burns!" I choked on the drink. One of the boys laughed as he handed me another. I gulped down the second and the liquid was soothing. " I'll see you  later." I told him as I walked off.

      " You look hot." A voice chuckled. " Where did the school nerd go?" They laughed.

I was surrounded by Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Niall. " I uh I got to go." I stumbled over my words nervously. " Not so fast." Zayn laughed, grabbing my arm tightly. " Where not done yet." He whispered in my ear making my spine chill. They all took me back where everyone was dancing. Harry grabbed me by the waist.

" This time you better really dance." He hissed in my ear. Dancing to them means grinding and there is no way in hell I am going to do that. I began to move a bit but he still wasn't happy. He squeezed my hips making me jump. 

     He backed me up until my butt was up against his crotch. I began to grind on him, slowly. He pulled my dress up much to my dislike and began to kiss my neck leaving a hickey.   " Mhhm you should dress like this more often." He groaned. 

His hands reached the inside of my thighs. " Let me go!" I said but my voice was hoarse.  He grabbed my arm as he dragged me out of the room. " You really need to learn when to shut up." He hissed dragging me into a room.

     " Let me go Harry!" I shouted at him. " I like it when you scream my name." He moaned as he grinded his hard  on me. " You're such a pervert!" I screeched at him. " Don't be like that love." He peppered  kisses along my neck hitting my sweet spots. I let out a small moan. " I hate you." I told him. " I hate you also." He laughed at me. He began to lift my dress. " Harry stop you're drunk!" I shouted at him.

He nodded his head pulling me back to the bed. " Holland you in there?" I heard Liam shout from outside the door. Harry placed his hand over my mouth Slowly reaching down to pull off my underwear. 

     " Liam!" I shouted but it came out more muffled. I began to cry. He slipped in one finger making me scream. I squirmed trying to get away from him. " Liam!" I shouted again. That time it was more audible. I guess Harry didn't like that. He began to move faster making it more agonizing.

" Holland I'm coming in!" He shouted trying to open the door. He busted down the door. Harry stopped what he was doing and ran out of the room. " Holland what the hell happened?" Liam asked. My eyes were closed tightly shut as I curled into a tight ball in the middle of the bed crying and shaking. " I just want to go home." I cried. He picked me up and he headed back to his.

     Liam took me back to his house. The entire car ride home was silent. I didn't want to talk or move. He picked me up and brought me inside.

" What happened? What the fuck did he do?" He asked me angrily. I wouldn't answer him but the tears still pored down my face.

     " Look at you Holland, you won't even talk to me! How the hell are you still going to tell me that he just joined the wrong damn crowd! This time it was Harry. What are you going to do when it is Niall who hurts you directly? Are you still going to stand up for him? 'Cause I'm not buying it anymore. Do you think I like seeing you hurt? I don't, it breaks my heart to see you in pain! For once, why don't you just stand up for you're self and not him." He said while he walked off leaving me alone with my thoughts. I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm done trying. I think Holland Elizabeth May needs a few changes.


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