Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


8. My big bro is back


     " Sissy get up!" Grayson continued to jump up and down on the bed until I woke up. " Grayson stop it!" I groaned into my pillow. " Honey time to get up." Mom knocked on my door. " Oh how fun." I got Grayson out of my room and got ready for school. I got ready and headed down the stairs.

" Guess who is coming home in a few days?" My dad asked me. I shrugged sleepily.  " Cameron is coming home." Mom said cheerily. My eyes popped open.

    " Really!?" I haven't seen Cameron in years. Did I forget to mention him? Well Grayson isn't my only brother. I have an older brother named Cameron. He is twenty years old. He went into the army right out of high school and I haven't seen him in such a long time.

Grayson doesn't remember much of Cameron because he was only about two years old when Cameron went into the army. Cameron and Niall were really close. If he knew about what Niall has been doing then he would beat the shit out of him. What can I say? He's a protective older brother.

     " Have you talked to him recently?" I asked. Mother nodded her head with a smile. " Yes, he is perfectly fine. He says he really misses us and he cant wait to see Grayson." I smiled at my little brother. " Bub do you remember Cam?" He shrugged his shoulders. " Maybe." He yawned. I don't blame him. He was very young. " I got to go. Love you bye!" I shouted and shut the door behind me.

     " Liam guess what!" I shouted from across the schools hallway. He jumped from being startled but then laughed as he saw me. I caught up to him and smiled like a little kid on Christmas. " What's got you all happy?" He asked amused.

" Cameron is coming home soon!" I cheered. Liam has only met Cameron a few times but they seemed to get along. " That's great." He smiled.

     " Have you heard from him?" I nodded my head. " Mom and dad talked to him. They said he is perfectly fine." I said.

" Alright well let go." We both grabbed our things and headed off to class. The day went on as usual but without any drama. It was a very nice day so far. I headed into the canteen and took a seat. " Hey Holland." Nathan walked over to the table and took a seat.

     " Uh hey?" I looked at him confused. " May I help you?" I asked being rather annoyed. " You want to catch a movie later?" He asked with a smirk. I scoffed in his face and left.

" Where were you?" I asked Liam. " Trying to find you." He laughed. " My sisters are coming home soon. We were all going to go to a water park. Do you want to bring Cameron?" He asked. " W-ater p-ark.." I stuttered. 

     He nodded his head in excitement. " Yes!!" I screamed in his ear. He knows how much I love water parks.  " So does that mean another skip day?" I asked mischievously. He shook his head with a pout. " No, sadly. We're going on a weekend." He told me. I nodded my head.

" I cant wait for him to come home!" I jumped in excitement. " Yes I think we have been over this many times now." He laughed. The bell rang indicating that it was the end of the day. Thank god!

     " I'll see you later!" I got out of Liam's car and headed inside. " Honey guess what!" Mom shouted. I swear she can act like a fifteen year old girl sometimes. " Your brother is taking a job at your school. You remember all of those courses that he took in University?  He got the job for your new Spanish teacher." She told me excitingly.

My smile grew bigger before it dropped. Niall and my brother. Niall better watch his back. My big bro is back. I smirked and walked up stairs into my room.

To: Liam- guess who the new Spanish teacher is! Cammy! Ni better watch his back ;)

     From: Liam- ... Ni? Haven't heard that in awhile. It'll be fun to see them fight! Cameron would be the shit out of him!

To: Liam- :) My thoughts exactly. Ttyl

      I sat down my phone and got on Facebook. So much hate. It's so stupid. The people who are saying all of this shit about me don't even know me! That's the only thing that gets me mad. " Mom! Liam and his family are going to a water park in like a week! Can we go?" I shouted from inside my room. She shouted back with a "Sure!"

From: Cammy <3 - Can't wait to see my little sis!

     To: Cammy <3 - My big bro is back :)

It's nice to say that. " My big bro is back." I whispered with a  smile on my face. He's back and I can't wait.




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