Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


5. I'm sorry


     " We are the fallen angles!" My radio shouted. When did I get home? I guess Liam brought me back last night. Can't I just take a sick day? " Honey time for school." Mom said as she knocked on my door. " Alright I'm up!" I shouted. I hopped out of bed and got ready for the day.

From: Harry- Did sumthing happen last night?

     Is he seriously asking me what happened! How the hell did he even get my number? I deleted the message and headed down the stairs. " Morning sissy." Grayson cheered. " Morning bud." I smiled at him. " Have a good day at school darling!" Dad shouted as I walked out the door. " Doubt it." I mumbled as I shut the front door.

From: Liam- I tlkd 2 Harry. I'm sry...

     What was that supposed to mean? Apparently Harry was to drunk to remember anything that happened last night. If I told anyone then he could go to jail. Maybe not such a bad idea after all.

From: Harry- we need to tlk.

     Can we not? Uhg what a great start to the morning don't you think? I headed into the school and met up with a few of my friends Elena and Maria.

" Hey did you have fun at the party last night? Whose Idea was it to have a huge party on a school night? I'm never doing  that again." Elena groaned as she rubbed her forehead.  " Yeah the party was alright, I went home early. I wasn't feeling that great." I lied.

     " Ahh well at least you're feeling better. Well we have to head off to class. Bye!" They shouted as they walked down the hall. " Holland!" I turned around to see Liam.

" What do you want?" I asked him. " I talked to Harry, he remembers what ever happened with you guys but he wouldn't tell me. He want's to talk to you." He told me. I groaned rolling my head back in annoyance.

     " I know this already! And how the hell did he get me number?" I asked him madly. Liam shrugged his shoulders innocently. " You alright?" He asked seriously. All of a sudden I became very interested in my shoes.

" Holland look at me please." He pleaded tilting my head up. I looked up at his brown eyes. " Are you really okay?" He really did care about me and I knew that. He has always been that big brother figure to me. I shrugged my shoulders slightly. He sighed.  " Just talk to me. You know I will always listen. You know that right?" He asked looking down at me. I nodded my head.

     " Alright well let's head off to class." He took my hand and we walked off to home room.

     " Good morning class." The teacher greeted us.

" Hello Mr. Styles, nice for you to finally join us." Harry rolled his eyes at the teacher and took a seat in front of Liam and I.

     " We need to talk." He hissed before turning back around in his seat.  I gulped and sat farther back into my seat. Of course I don't want to be around him! Would you? The day went by fairly fast. I was the last out of the classroom as usual.

" I said we needed to talk." Harry growled grabbing me arm. " Outside." Is all he said before dragging me along.  " I'm sorry okay? I really am but if you tell anyone then I will make you're life more of a living hell than it is now." He threatened.

     " You know the rest of them didn't really care. Niall did though. I think he would have tried to kill me if we were alone." Harry chuckled looking at the ground.

" Why was Niall mad?" My tiny voice squeaked. Harry looked at me before shaking his head. " You're really a clueless nerd aren't you?" He laughed. I looked at him confused . " Why do you even stand up for him?" He asked curiously. " I don't know anymore.." I whispered honestly.

     " Well I said I'm sorry, so see you soon Holland." He kissed me on the lips before walking away. " Are you kidding me! You apologize for what you did and then you kiss me! What the hell Styles." I shouted at him from across the field. He turned around with a signature smirk on his lips.

     " Oops." He chuckled and walked off of the field.

     " Uh hey Liz." Someone whispered. Only one person calls be by my middle name. Niall.     

" What do you want now? Styles already apologized. Can't you just leave me alone for one day." I groaned.  " I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry that I wanted to say fucking sorry!" He spat. I looked down.

     " What happened to best friends forever?" I whispered holding back my tears. Hoping that he would hear but of course he did. He looked almost surprised even shocked. For just one second I think I even saw the old Niall. The Niall that was my brother, my best friend, my everything.

" I don't know what you're talking about." He grumbled angrily before walking away. I just can't do this anymore. I'm done trying to pretend that he might actually care when he doesn't. I'm sorry that I miss my best friend. I'm sorry that I hate him at the same time. I'm sorry for being such a screw-up. I'm sorry for everything. I'm just sorry.

     " You ready to go?" Liam called out. I nodded my head with no emotion. " How did it go?" He asked me. " Fine Liam. Everything is fine." I said in monotone as I stared blankly out the window of his car. " Just take me home please?" I asked. He nodded his head and drove off.

     " Thank you." I said stepping out of the car.

" Bye Holland!" He shouted driving off. I set down my book bag and looked around the house. Home alone. I walked up towards my bedroom and laid down starring up at the ceiling. 

     " I know you're not good alone. Did you really think I would leave you?" Liam asked as he walked into my room. I stared at him blankly as the tears slowly rolled down my cheeks. " You didn't do anything did you?" He asked worriedly.

" I said I would never do that again Liam. Trust me." I whispered curling up into his chest. " Just making sure." He soothed. " What did I do to deserve you?" I asked looking up at him with my teary eyes.

     " Just being you." He whispered kissing my forehead. What would I do without him? I don't even want to know.


A/N ~ So I hope this chapter is okay? Sorry if it's a bit short, I'm tired. I love all kinds of feed back! Like, favorite, comment. Thanks!

~Savannah <3 <3 <3

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