Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


2. He just joined the wrong crowd


     Kick after kick, he stood watching. He wasn't going to help and I knew that. They all left and I was still and silent as I laid on the cold brick road. We used to  be friends, that's until he decided to joined a new crowd, he just happened to join the wrong crowd. My ex- best friend, Niall James Horan. Niall is the school's Bad boy, I'm the school's Nerd. If you're thinking that this will turn into some sappy love story, then you're wrong. I, Holland Elizabeth May,  hate Niall James Horan with a passion. I slowly stood up from the cold ground as I watched them walk away. They're all probably high or drunk, one or the other. I picked up my bag and steadily headed home.

     " Hi mom, dad." I smiled as I walked through the front door.

" where have you been?" Dad asked sternly while he checked his watch. " I just got caught up, night." I said as I headed up the stairs. I can't exactly tell my parents about Niall because they are very close friends with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horan are so sweet, it would break their heart. For all I know they still might think that Niall and I are still friends.

     It's weird for me to think how we used to be friends, best friends even. I never thought that he would be that kind of guy who would be covered in tattoos, drinks, smokes, and parties all the time. When we were younger we would ask each other what we wanted to be when we were older. We would both say " anything to do with music." I wonder if he still has his guitar? Or if he still plays? Sometimes I do really miss the old Niall, sweet, funny, caring. Now he is rude, perverted, bully, etc. You get the point? As much as I do hate him, because I really do, I will still stand up for him. I like to think that the old Niall is still there somewhere, he just, joined the wrong crowd.

     " Sissy, get up." My brother Grayson shook me awake. He is six years old and adorable. I groaned covering my head with the blankets. " sissy where did you go!?" He asked startled. I let out a laugh and quickly pulled him underneath the blankets with me. " Its so dark." He giggled trying to reach for my face.

" Grayson what are you doing?" I laughed as he closed my mouth shut. " Your breath stinks." He scrunched up his nose. " Oh your going to get it now!" I lifted the blanket off of us and began to tickle him. He was gasping for a breath from laughing so much. He stopped for a second and looked at me worriedly. " What's wrong bubby?" I asked him.

     He lifted his hand to my cheek with tears in his eyes. " Sissy you're hurt." He said as he rubbed my cheek. I flinched a bit feeling the pain. Oh... " Sissy's fine okay? She was just being a bit clumsy." I assured him, wiping the tears from beneath his eyes. " Alright go head down stairs with mommy and daddy." He got up out of my room and I shut the door behind him. I changed into a pair of skinnies and a jumper. As I was walking out of my door I noticed my cheek. Eww.. It's like green and yellow. I put some concealer on and headed down the stairs.

" Sissy your booboo is gone." Grayson whispered into my ear. " Yeah, now don't tell mommy and daddy, promise?" I held out my pinky finger and he rapped his around mine saying,  " I promise sissy." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat down. " Morning mom." I smiled. " morning sweetie,  have a good day at school." She called out while I headed out the front door. " not likely.." I muttered.

      " Look it's the bitch!" One of Niall's friends shouted from across the street. Oh what a wonderful way to start the morning. Note the sarcasm.

" what the hell do you want now Styles?" I hissed. " oh so your offering.. hmm let's see.." He pondered. " piss off" I said and walked away. " oh don't be like that Holland, you know you want me." He smirked and winked with his curly brown hair blowing in his face. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk away. I headed into the flooded hallways of the school and went to my locker. Surprisingly there was nothing written on it today.

     " Hey Holland." A voice called out. " Oh hey Liam." I smiled. I met Liam when we were both around twelve years old, friends ever sense. He was friends with Niall too. He still is though, just not the same. " Do you have football practice tonight? ( American soccer) " I asked him. He is my ride home from school.     " Yeah, coach said you can come on the field if you want." He said. " Alright well I'll see you later." I hugged him and headed off to class. 

     " Good morning class." The teacher smiled as he walked into the room. I popped in my ear buds and listened to music for the rest of class. Students began to scurry out of the room so I knew the bell had rang. I gathered my books and headed out of the door and into the hallway. I have Music with Niall next. How fun right? no... so not fun. Music is my favorite class but Niall makes it a living hell. I haven't heard him play his guitar in so long, I almost miss it. He was amazing, We would have sleepovers when we were younger and he would always play until I fell asleep. A shoulder bumped  into me causing me to fall on the ground. I looked up and saw Niall looking as careless as ever, rolled his eyes, chuckled, and walk away. " Jackass." I whispered to myself as he walked into the music room.

     The day ended and I headed outside to the field to wait for Liam's practice to be over. I took a seat on the bench and waited. " Hey slut." a voice chuckled. " Piss off Horan." I said in a monotone voice. He chuckled and sat besides me, putting his arm over my shoulder. " I wouldn't talk like that to me if I were you." He smirked.

" And why the hell not?" I asked amused. He dragged me off of the bleachers and towards a group of his friends. Styles sat there with I sickly smirk, Malik, and Tomlinson. Niall pushed me to the ground and laughed as I groaned in pain. Smack, punch, kick, repeat. " What the fuck are you doing!?" A voice shouted in anger.

     " Oh lighten up Payne." Zayn laughed. " See you soon babe." Harry smirked and kissed me on the lips much to my dislike. I twisted my face in disgust but he looked pleased with himself. They all got up and walked away. " Why don't you stop them?" Liam asked as he bent down towards me. He  looked at me with his deep brown eyes, upset to see me in pain.   " Niall is still there, he just joined the wrong crowd." I managed to choke out. He lifted me up and we headed towards his house.


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