Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


3. Dr. Payne


     "Let me go and get you some ice." Liam said as we entered his front door. He helped me onto the couch and headed off into the kitchen. " Do you want anything else?" He shouted from the other room. " Nutella!" I shouted back. Don't judge me. Nutella is my drug and we shall live together forever in happiness.

He came back into the room with an icepack and my Nutella. " Thank you Liam.." I whispered. He laid me down and set the ice on my ribs. I hissed in pain. " oh my god I'm so sorry Holland!" He set it back down carefully and left it there. " Just sleep it off. You'll probably feel a bit better by the time you wake up." He whispered. " Alright." I mumbled into his shoulder. I leaned my head on his lap and quickly fell asleep.

     " Holland come here!" Niall shouted as he ran after me laughing. " You have to catch me first!" I giggled happily as I ran away from him. He tackled me to the ground and we were both in hysterics. " I got you." He smiled. He stood up and extended his hand helping me up. " Let's go back to your house." I suggested. He nodded and we headed back to his and watched a few movies. " But I want to watch Nemo!" He whined like a little kid. I rolled my eyes with a smile on my face as I put in the movie of his choice.

He cheered in delight as I popped in the movie. I took a seat next to him and he rapped his arms around me. " Niall?" " What?" He asked. " Do you think we will be best friends forever? Forever is a long time.." I looked down at my hands while I played with my fingers. He lifted up my chin forcing me to look into his bright blue eyes. " Forever and ever Holland, I promise. You and me equals best friends forever." He assured me. " Best friends forever, I promise." He whispered as he played with my hair like he does every single time we watch a movie.

     " Holland, time to wake up." I heard Liam's voice whisper lightly. " Get out of my room.." I groaned, burring my head. " Well then." He scoffed. I giggled opening my eyes. " What were you dreaming about?" He asked curiously. Niall. " He lied, he promised me Liam but, he lied." I cried into his chest.

He knew exactly what I was talking about. I dream about Niall and I as kids all the time. " I know love, I'm so sorry... You don't deserve anything that he puts you through. You are amazingly sweet, funny, loving beautiful, smart, and you are the nicest person I know. I hope you know that." He said seriously making me look at him.

     " Thank you, Liam." I smiled with tears still in my eyes. He took his thumb and wiped the tear stains off of my cheeks. " How are you feeling?" He asked me. " I don't know. It still hurts a bit." I said honestly. " Well let's have Dr. Payne take a look." He said professionally. I laughed and tilted my head back.

" You know your name doesn't really work well for a doctor ' Doctor Payne' nope I don't think so." I l said disapprovingly I laughed as he gave me the evil eye. " You're so mean." He pouted. " Is it bruised?" He asked. " I'm not sure, I haven't really looked." He rolled up my shirt just until he was able to see my ribs. "Ew! Gross!" He shrieked.

     " Wow thanks a lot Liam." I muttered feeling extremely self cautious. " Holland shush your face, you are per-fect! But Your ribs are really bruised." He said as his face  twisted. He tried to put a bit of pressure but I screeched each time that he tried.

" Uhg your name is fitting perfectly Mr. Payne." I grumbled at him.  " Holland, we might have to go to the hospital. What if it's broken?" He asked with concern in his voice. " Alright but no one can find out, okay?" I questioned. " Alright then let's get going." He lifted me off of the couch and we headed out the doors.

     " Holland May?" The Doctor called out.

" That's us." Liam said as he raised his hand. The doctor ushered us into a room and had me sit down on the examination table.  " So Holland, what exactly happened?" The doctor questioned. shit.. come on think of a lie, you got this.

     " Uh I fell down a few steps and hit my ribs." I said more as if it was a question. Great Holland. That was the best you could come up with? Liam looked at me nervously. " Alright well lets go get you scanned. You have to stay in here Sir." The doctor said as he leaded me into a different room.

     " Alright we have the results. They're not broken but you will have to be very careful. No sports, or heavy lifting. You are all set Miss May, have a nice day." He shot us a fake smile and left the room. " Uhgg!" I groaned. Liam chuckled and we headed back to his place.

     " Hi Mrs. Payne." I greeted Liam's mom by the front door. " Oh hi dear, how have you been?" She questioned. " I'm fine thank you. Do you mind if I stay the night? Mom and Dad are out of town and my brother is at our grandmothers, it's to quite at home." I said.

"  Sure sweetie,  you know you're always welcome." I smiled and headed inside with Liam. " Did she say yes?" He asked. I nodded my head and plopped down onto the couch. " ouchie." I whined while I slightly rubbed over my stomach.

     " You need to be more careful Holland." Liam said strictly. " Yes father." I joked. He hit me on the arm jokingly as he smiled.  " Is there anything going on this weekend?" I asked him. " I think there is a party at Anthony's house this weekend, a lot of people are going." He told me. " Do you really want to go? He is such a jerk." I rolled my eyes.

" Come on please! We probably won't even see him, we will be to busy." He tried to persuade me. " Doing what exactly?" I questioned him.

     " Well I for one will dance a bit and for the rest I will have to follow you to make sure you don't get drunk off your arse." He joked nudging me slightly. " Hey I have only gotten drunk like ten times and you still hold the damn thing against me. Sheesh." I scoffed.

" Do you even remember those ten times? You go crazy and it's hilarious! But now I understand why that John guy in grade twelve is  afraid of you!" He laughed. " I thought he was just being weird! What the hell did I do?" I asked. " That's a story for another time." Liam laughed as I made a pouty face. " Alright, alright well it's getting late. I'm going to head off to bed. Come in when you're ready." Liam said as he headed up the stairs.

     " Alright but I need a pair of clothes." I yawned as I followed slowly up behind him. " Same place as usual." He mumbled tiredly. I happen to stay at Liam's most weekends. We have sleep overs a lot. I don't care if you think we are to old to. I changed into my pajamas and slipped into the bed. The pillows smelled like Liam's cologne which I loved. The bed dipped down as he climbed in. He wrapped his arms  tightly around my waist as I sat my head on top of his chest.

" Night Holland." He whispered into my hair.

     " Night Liam." I mumbled into his chest and fell fast asleep.


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