Niall and Holland have been the best of friends up until high school. They changed, Niall became the schools " bad boy" and Holland became the schools " Nerd". People always ask her why she still defends him even though he bullies her. Her answer is always the same, He still cares deep down, he just joined " The Wrong Crowd."


9. Broken promise


     " Dad hurry up!" I groaned. He chuckled from inside the kitchen.

" Alright I'm coming." He grabbed his car keys and we drove off. " When does his plane land?" I asked impatiently. " Soon." Dad rolled his eyes. What's his problem? I've only asked like twice.

     " No, you have asked fifty-five times. I counted." Guess I said that out loud oops. I waited for what seem like forever for his plane to arrive. " Lizzy?" I turned around to see my big brother Cameron.

" Cammy!" I shouted and ran into his arms. I really miss my brother. He lifted me up and span me around. I laughed until he put me down. " I missed you Lizzy." He called me Lizzy. That hurt a bit. Him and Niall are the only ones who have ever called me by my middle name which is Elizabeth. " Haven't heard that in awhile." I said to my self.

     " Niall doesn't call you Lizzy anymore? He always calls you that. How is he by the way?" Cameron asked. People used to think we were twins until we told them are age difference. He has medium brown hair and bright blue eyes. I have medium brown, wavy hair and my eyes have always switched like my fathers. Either bright blue or an emerald green. 

" Oh he's fine. Same I guess." I mumbled out. " Let's go kids." We left the airport and headed home.

     Cameron and dad walked through the front door. You could hear little Grayson yell in delight and mom was crying tears of joy. It must have been hard on her and dad. Letting their oldest child go into the army where their child could possibly get hurt.

That seems so scary to me. I'm so proud of my big brother. " When do you start teaching?" I asked Cameron as I sat down on the couch. " In a few days. Are you taking Española?" He asked me. I nodded my head and smiled. We talked for hours and hours. He said how hard some areas were but other areas were beautiful and the land seem untouched by humans. He told so many stories. Grayson seemed ecstatic to have another male in the house.

     I think he just likes having an older brother around. I texted Liam and told him that Cameron is home. " Cammy do you remember Liam?" I asked looking at him.

" Yeah, why?" He asked " Well you haven't seen him in so long I thought he could come over and you guys could talk if you wanted to." He smiled and replied with a nod.

     " What about Niall?" I looked down trying to think of an excuse. " Oh that would be great darling. You could have him over also. Wouldn't that be nice." Mother smiled. I wanted to scream so badly at her. " Oh yeah sure. I uh think he is busy or something though."

Yeah that sure sounded convincing. " I can call Mrs. Horan right now and ask. One second." She got up and headed into the kitchen.

     " You are still friends with Ni right?" I looked at Cameron. Uhg I hate lying to him. " Yeah I am." I nodded my head. " It's a yes." Mom cheered. Just my fucking luck.

     Cameron and Grayson went into the backyard and I was laying in my room. I opened my night stand and pulled out a small baggy. Varieties of different colored pills. Each one costs so much but it's worth it. You know what I'm talking about right? I'm not some druggy who get's high all the time. It just calms me down a bit. There is only one time that I have taken to much. My parents were out of town and Grayson was only three years old so he stayed with our grandparents. It was the beginning of Freshman year. My first year of high school. Niall and I were still friends but things were getting weird. I remember those few months exactly.

*Flash Back*

     " Hey Ni!" I cheered running up to him. He looked different and he was acting different. " You alright?" He looked at me coldly before walking off. Liam stood by his locker trying to find his new books.

" Need any help?" I laughed. He turned his head towards me and smiled. " Have you talked to Ni today?" I asked him. " Yeah I did but he seemed a bit off." He told me with a shrug. I nodded my head still curious. " I'll see you at lunch." I told him while walking off.    

     The day went by completely normal. I haven't seen Niall all day. We are usually like glued at the hip to one another. I walked onto the football field and headed towards the bleachers.

Niall was in the corner with a group of guys. Black leather, tattoos, piercings, cigarettes. What was he doing? " Hey Ni!" I waved at him. One of the guys looked at me and smirked turning his head back to Niall.

     The look on Niall's face had dropped. He looked scared, almost nervous. His lips were moving but I couldn't hear a thing. I shrugged my shoulders and walked away. " Holland. Right?" A voice asked. I turned my head to meet one of the guys that Niall was talking to. I nodded my head. Fifteen minutes later I was on the ground covered in bruises.

     Punch, kick, slap, everything. I don't know what I did. It seemed so random. The one thing that hurt the most was that Niall just stood there watching. He wasn't going to stop them. He looked me straight in the eyes as I was in pain before walking away acting like he had never even known me.

     I ended up limping home. So much pain, I wanted it to go away. I have been bullied before but nothing hurt as much as this. I just wanted something to take the pain away. I wasn't going to self harm or anything like that. I just wanted to be numb. I don't want to feel anything. I had gotten a few pills at a party a few months ago. I had never used them, I never needed them.

I pulled  out every single pill I had. Colors of all kinds. I put the pills to my lips and let the powders dissolve in my mouth. It took me to a different world, a happy place, my happy place. No pain at all. This continued for almost two months.

     My parents never knew or suspected anything, they were to busy and distracted by baby Grayson. Cameron was always busy working on his degrees. Liam was always asking if I was alright and I would say that I was fine. I guess I'm not the best liar.

I walked home from school one day forgetting that Liam and I had to work on a project. I was in the deepest depression that I had ever been in. I was so close to self harm but I couldn't do it, I didn't want to turn into one of those people. I kept buying more and more pills off of the streets.

     I walked numbly into my room and sat down on my bed sitting back. Tears stained my pale cheeks. My chest ached from all of the emotions that I was holding inside of me. Five pills. Would that be enough for me to die? One after one I slid them into my mouth. I was in a different world. I was still able to hear faint knocks on the front door. I ignored them. My eye lids grew heavier and heavier until I was enable to stay awake any longer.

" Holland?"

" Oh my god Holland what's wrong?"

" Please wake up!"

     I slowly woke up and hid my eyes from the dimmed light. " Holland what the hell were you thinking! You could have died!" I turned my head to see Liam standing beside me looking angry yet concerned.

" I'm sick of everything Liam." I cried " Sick of what?" His brown eyes searched into mine. I told him everything. About every day I have been beaten up by different people. I told him about Niall. He was angry and I could tell. His face was cherry red.

     " I'll kill him." He muttered angrily. I shook my head no. " Please stop Holland. Please stop doing this to yourself. Promise me." He begged. I nodded my head yes, unsure if I would be able to keep his promise or not. Liam helped me stop. Liam possibly saved my life.

*End Of Flashback*

     Liam saved my life and I have never broken his promise. " One wont hurt right?" I asked myself. My mind was having an argument. I grabbed a pill out of the baggy and set it in my mouth. Strange thoughts swirled around my head. None of them made any sense. I was in my own world where I can escape from my problems for just a small amount of time. Liam was right. I'm not good by myself . I have never broken his promise. Until now.



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