Familiar a Justin Bieber Story

Justin Bieber, the cutest boy in school, must i add most popular boy in school. He has guys wanting to be him and girls all over him. Selena Gomez on the other hand, not as famous as Mr. Bieber. But will being partnered together bring back memories of the two? Familiar-A Justlena Story.


3. That Party

                                                                                 *with Selena*
Selena-ughh today was horrible 
Mandy (Selenas Mom)-aw why?
Selena-I ran into this guy and-
Mandy-Oh!!! and you liked him but he had a girlfriend im sorry sweetie 
Selena-*looks at her* no i ran into him and what i got was SlutGomez and Bitch 
Selena-No mom! I wanna know what i did wrong to get all this hate? *crying* 
Selena-i'm not a slut am i? I've never even TRIED or WANT to have sex yet! Why does everyone hate me?! *crying even harder* 
                                                            *Someone Knock*
Mandy-*answers* Hey Demi *smiles*
Demi-hey Mandy 
Mandy-hows Dianna? 
Demi-shes good hey what up with Sel?
Mandy-I don't know can you cheer her up? 
Demi-of course 
Mandy-thanks Dems i owe you 
Demi-no your-
Mandy-*walks up stairs* 
Demi-ok then *walks over to Sel* Hey Selly you ok?
Selena-why does everyone hate me Dems?
Demi-*rubs her back* I don't hate you. Miley doesn't hate you, neither does your family
Selena-*looks at her* you know what i mean 
Dem-Selena Marie Gomez!
Selena-Demetria Devonne Lovato! 
Demi-*laughs* Sel
Selena-*mocking voice* Dems
Demi-*hugs her* i love you Sel you are the bestestfriend a girl can ask for 
Selena-i love you to Dems hey wheres Mil-
Miley-*lets herself in* Hey girlies 
Selena-how the hell? 
Miley-what? The door was open 

                      *They all laugh*
Miley-*sits on Selena and Demi* 
Demi-whats up with you? you seem..happy..well than you usually are
Selena-yea why so happy?
Miley-well there's this party  Harry invited me....and i want y'all to come 
Demi-i'll come Selena?
Selena-what are we going to wear?
Demi-Lets go shopping!!!

                                                  *With Justin*
Justin-hey Niall you going to ask Harry if hes going to the party?
Niall-Justin, Harry's THROWING the party! 
Justin-oh, well did you ask anyone?
Niall-no, but im going to ask Demi 
Justin-who's that? is she hot? 
Niall-1.shes beautiful 2.shes TAKEN! *serious now*
Justin-*laughs* damn Horan, chill out i have it out for someone else anyway
Niall-ohh Bieber has a crush! spill it Bieber 
Justin-i don't know her name but we ran into her in the ha-
Harry-hey guys 
Niall-im taking Demi!
Harry-*laughs* ok i already have a date but it was hard to get her to come 
Justin-oh my god!! am i the ONLY one without a date?
Niall-Justin, just ask Selena shes single duh idiot 
Justin-ok i will but we should go find something to wear 
Niall-yea i need some new kicks!
Harry-yea come-on 

                                         *at the mall* 
Justin-ok guys im going in  here *walks in to the Vans store*
Selena-*looking at shoes*
Justin-*spots Selena from a distance* Hey! hey you! aren't you the girl from school?
Selena-yup that girl you ran into and never said sorry? yea thats me 
Justin-im sorry i was trying to but my stupid ex-girlfriend was being a bitch 
Selena-*smiles* Im Selena
Justin-Justin *smiles back* i was hoping to catch you so i can ask you to this party my friends having
Selena-are you inviting me? 
Justin-yea *confused* i was hoping for you to be my date *smiles*
Selena-you want to take ME? 
Justin-yea i wanna take YOU so is it a yes?
Justin-ok pick you up at 8 *about to walk away* wait can i have your number? 
Selena-*laughs* yea here *writes it on his arm* 
Justin-*walks out the store after he pays* yes!! Niall!! Harry!! 
Niall-what? why are you screaming like a idiot...in a mall?!
Harry-yea Justin Niall! stop eating for once!
Justin-*rolls his eyes kinda annoyed* i got Selena's number!
Niall-woo! *continues eating* 
Harry-*looks at Niall* anyway..you guys ready?

                                     Hey Guys! Sorry i havent updated in like a month, every time i got to it 
                                 I had to save it as a draft because i ran out of time or i just couldn't do it. 
                                  I tried making Chapter 3 long since i owed you but with school and everything                                   its  been really hard. Plus i'm failing the majority of my classes so I've been 
                               tying to catch up on that. Ill make sure to update sooner next time. :) 

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