Familiar a Justin Bieber Story

Justin Bieber, the cutest boy in school, must i add most popular boy in school. He has guys wanting to be him and girls all over him. Selena Gomez on the other hand, not as famous as Mr. Bieber. But will being partnered together bring back memories of the two? Familiar-A Justlena Story.


2. Lets get to know each-other eh?

                                                                           *Justin's Pov*                                                                          I walked into school with my two best friends Niall Horan and Harry Styles. Everyone was starring at me. Guess they liked my outfit. I was wearing a black v-neck with my red so-dirty snapback and black skinny jeans with my limited edition Supra sneakers. I took off my hat raveling my Robin Thicke-ish hair. My girlfriend Jasmine rode with us. She was hella fine but sooo annoying. I don't know why i was dating her but i guess i was. In the middle of my thoughts i ran straight into this super pretty girl with brown eyes and dark brown hair with light brown highlights. All i could do was stare at he because she looked....familiar
                                                                    *End of Pov* 
 Justin-*talking to Niall and Harry*
Selena-*looking down and runs into Justin*
Justin-oh shit! I'm sorry! that was my fault!
Selena-*on the verge of tears because she fell back pretty hard* no it was my fault i shou-
Jasmine-*annoyed* how bout you just watch where your going ok slutmez?
                                                          *Justin and the rest walk away and Justin  
                                                           feels bad about not helping her but then
                                                          snaps back to reality and continues the convo 
                                                            with Harry and Niall*

 Demi-Hey Sel we been looking for you! What do you have for 1st period?
Selena- Hey Demis *smiles* um Science you guys?
Miley-Social Studies
Demi-English this is so unfair! anyway i gotta go by Miles By Sel

                                                                   Moving on with Miley, Harry
                                                                       Demi & Niall :)

                              *In English*

Teacher-ok guys i need you to find a partner *flashes a shiny stupid looking smile at them* 
Niall-*looks around and spots Demi* Hey beautiful wanna be my partner?
Demi-hell yeah! 
Niall-*laughs* Im Niall whats your name lovely?
Demi-*blushes* Demi
Niall-what a pretty name Demi 
Demi-*can't help but smile*
Niall-so Dems, if your fine with me calling you that, i have a question
Niall-are you free tonight?
                       *in Social Studies *

Harry-*looks over at Miley* Damn *goes over to her* Hey
Miley-*doesn't hear him*
Harry-um hey
Miley-*still doesn't hear him*
Harry-*upset* Hey! *taps her*
Miley-*takes her earbuds out* what? *kinda annoyed*
Miley-I know your Harry the biggest jerk here after Mr.Bieber 
Harry-*laughs* well whats your name then?
Miley-not interested this purse it closed until further notice and your not getting in Goodbye
Harry-*walks back to his seat* shes going to be a hard one to crack 


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