Familiar a Justin Bieber Story

Justin Bieber, the cutest boy in school, must i add most popular boy in school. He has guys wanting to be him and girls all over him. Selena Gomez on the other hand, not as famous as Mr. Bieber. But will being partnered together bring back memories of the two? Familiar-A Justlena Story.


1. New Year New Life...so i thought

                                                                                Selena's Pov-
It was Monday morning when my alarm clock rang alerting me that it's time to go to that hell hole- I mean school. I turned off my alarm and turned back over. Seriously, 5 seconds later my mom came yelling, ''Selena, honey, get up you need to get to school and i have to get to work!'' Ughh, I groaned as i got out my bed. 10 mins. later, I got out the shower, did my hair, and put my gray and black Jordan's,  with a pair of slim skinny jeans and a gray t-shirt. 
                                                                               Selena's Pov-*at school*                                                    I walked in trough the school doors with everyone staring at me-and trust me, it wasn't in a good way- most girls at this school don't wear what I wear, they wear dresses and stuff. That's not me. As i put a fake smile on my face, i walked over to my two best friends Miley Cyrus and Demitria Lovato or Demi.                                                                    *End of POV*

Demi-so guys how was your weekend?
Miley-you sound like a teacher
Demi-I know thanks!Selena?
Demi-how was you weekend?
Selena-a living hell
Demi-*side hugs her* it'll be ok babe 
Selena:*sees someone* there she is 
Miley-the popular bitch and her posse
Demi-wait...who the hell are they?
Selena/Miley-Jasmine V. and the wannabees? 
Demi-I know but are those guys shes with?
Miley-he cute! the curly haired one
Demi-no the blonde ones the cutest 
Selena-they're all a bunch of jackasses! they hanging with Jasmine them 
Demi/Miley-*looks at her weirdly*

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