The Battle of Camp-Half Blood

This is our entry for the "battle of the Fandoms". Although we love many fandoms, We choose the PJO fandom! This will be a kind of continuation( or a fanfic) of the fanfic. Technically, its a Leo/Maia, Percabeth, Jasper, Fazel and a Bedge (Hedge and his bat) shipping event. Hope you enjoy and seriously (or siriusly) fangirl over it as much as we will to write it. T MINUS 10 DAYS UNTIL THE HOUSE OF HADES RELEASE. (this is to ease the last 10 days of pain) ~Padfoot and (mostly) Prongs : )


2. Conversation with Chiron

I jammed my hands into my pockets, forcing myself not to cry. Everyone would know something was up, for one thing. Another would be the Ares' Cabin making fun of me for crying. I made my way to the head table where Chiron, Mr. D, and a couple of saytrs sat, eating tonight's Mexican meal.

"Chiron, may I--" I stopped because my voice started to break.

"Maia, come with me." Thankfully, he's been doing this for a long time, so he knows when someone needs something but can't say it.

"Thank you." I followed Chiron out of the Dining Pavilion. As soon as we stepped foot-- well, in his case hoof, outside, I burst out crying.

"We shall make this brief, I know you are hungry and this must be very important to have to pull me from watching the entertainment of the Saytrs."

"Definitely important. It's about Percy and Annabeth." Chiron's face darkened a little by the mention of their names. I could tell he missed the campers.


"Well, I was talking with Leo and his Roman friend Frank..." and I launched into the entire story of what happened and how Percy and Annabeth were falling in You-Know-Where. And no, Harry Potter fans, this You-Know-Where doesn't belong to You-Know-Who and it's not Azkaban Prison. And YES! I've read the Harry Potter books, they DO give us a lot of free time here. Anyways, I ended with the war that was about to come on us in a week or two's time. Chiron thought about this for a good three minutes. Which seems like an eternity for me, ADHD remember? In the end, he decided that he would let me address the problem to the camp. Yup, cuz this was gonna go soooo well.

I walked back into the Dining Pavilion and went to the Poseidon table and stood up on the bench.

"Excuse me, can I have everyone's attention?"

"Why!?" I heard Conner Stoll from the Hermes Cabin call out.

"It's about the quest that went out to Greece and Italy. Our Ground-Zero."

"So?" I heard Clarisse yell, trying to get a laugh out of the situation. That's exactly what she was greeted with. A bunch of snickers.

"Would it make you listen if I told you it was about my brother, Percy? And Annabeth?" That got everyone's attention.

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