The Battle of Camp-Half Blood

This is our entry for the "battle of the Fandoms". Although we love many fandoms, We choose the PJO fandom! This will be a kind of continuation( or a fanfic) of the fanfic. Technically, its a Leo/Maia, Percabeth, Jasper, Fazel and a Bedge (Hedge and his bat) shipping event. Hope you enjoy and seriously (or siriusly) fangirl over it as much as we will to write it. T MINUS 10 DAYS UNTIL THE HOUSE OF HADES RELEASE. (this is to ease the last 10 days of pain) ~Padfoot and (mostly) Prongs : )


3. Breaking Point

I could feel the heavy set of the hundred or so pairs of eyes that were now completely focused on me. "Well, that got everyone's attention..." I muttered under my breath.

"Alright. So the peace comittee that was sent to bring back Jason and retrieve Percy, went to Greece and Italy, as most of you know."

"Bloody well," an Irish boy by the name of Colin muttered at the Apollo Cabin's table. Which was followed by his British friend-- Bradley's (I think that's his name) jeering laugh. I gave them a glare that hopefully they won't forget.

"Anyways, they did reach Greece and Italy. Then, being who we are, something just HAD to go wrong..." I said. There were a couple of nervous laughs from the Pavilion. I turned to the Athena Cabin's table. "So, Athena's kids. Annabeth, as you know, went on a quest to find the Athena Parthenos. Which was found." Half-heartedly the Athena Cabin cheered while the rest of the camp looked on. "But, she had to face Arachne, the mother of all spiders." One of the children shuttered, almost violently. "And now, the two of them are in an-- what seems to them be a 'never-ending' situation.

"How do I break this lightly," I muttered to myself. I stood up a little straighter, tried to look everyone in the eyes before continuing. "Percy and Annabeth are-- they are falling." I ended up choking on my tears.

"For eachother? Because we already know that, Maia." Drew, the former Aphrodite head, stated in the silence and got some laughs for the comment. Mostly from her cabin.

"I wish that was what I was here to say... but no, Drew. Percy and Annabeth fell and are still falling in... Tartarus." The last word came out as a whisper.

"Where?" A girl with really bright red hair and a face and arms full of freckles asked curiously. She was seated at the Hecate table.

"Shh, Clary." I heard a boy from the Hephaestus table say to her in what he thought was a whisper. "She'll tell us."

"Fine, Simon." she whispered back.

"Tartarus." I managed to say. "They are falling in Tartarus. Percy and Annabeth." A collection of gasps made its way through the Dining Pavilion. "And to boot," I said with mock enthusiasm. "In a month's time, Leo warned me that Camp Jupiter-- Jason's camp is marching towards Camp-Halfblood. They will be here in about three weeks time." After I finished talking, at least several hands went up. "All questions will be addressed by Chiron." I told them. I sat down trying not to cry, which probably gave me a grim look on my face. Karsten, my Saytr friend, brought me a plate of food and sat with me. I played with the food while I listened to the questions being asked.

"What's gonna happen now?" A boy who was no older than ten years old asked.

"I don't know." Chiron answered.

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