Deep Ends

Everyone has a story. Death plays a big part of our stories, or maybe just the wanting and needing of it. The truth is we all have those dark thought too.


1. Evanescent

Evanescent; to fade away. We all at some point wish we could. To just fade away from life, from pain, from the loneliness. So many, many times I did. When my sister wouldn't stop singing an annoying song, over and over. The times my father just stared at me, glared at me, analyzed me, his mahogany desk was the only thing between us. Or even when my mother finds out I've done something that in her eyes would be horrid. Her eyes wide as an owls. She would search my eye and would as "who?" Every time waiting for an excuse or for me to blame someone else she wouldn't have to live with the fact that her daughter was capable of doing such things. Evanescent, was my only escape. To go somewhere they couldn't find me, or even bother to look, to glare, to stare, or care. I would be fine just not being there.      

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