Kid Nation

Welcome to the very first... KID NATION

or you know... the second. BUT STILL MUCH BETTER!!! read the first chapter to learn how to join and create the first (Okay fine, second) KID NATION!!!!!!



Okay, so in case you don't know what kid nation is, let me explain.

Eh Hem.

"Bonanza city, New Mexico! This is what's left of it. The pioneers that ran this town back in the 1800's ran it, into the ground. Lack of leadership, and lack of will combined to leave this town completely, and totally dead. But that's all about to change. Now 40 new pioneers will try to fix their fore fathers mistakes, and build a town that works. It won't be easy, pioneer living is tough. And the amazing part is, these pioneers are children! That's right, the oldest 15 and the youngest is 8 years old. And they are every kind of kid imaginable. City kids, country kids, rich, poor, and everything in between. And they're on their way here, right now!"


That's right everyone!! 40 children running a town!! How do you think this will turn out? absolutely no adults at all, they could end up fixing up the town and setting it right again, something the pioneers (including adults) couldn't do. Or running it into the ground like the town before them did.

WELL HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN, MY JELLYBEANS!!! I'm gonna need 35 characters (Alottt!!!) (As I have already made 5) Now this character can be you, someone from a story you've made, or even someone from the top of your head. It wont take long!! Will your character stay in the abandoned ghost town for 40 days, without food, without rules, and without any supervision whatsoever?!?! even I don't know yet...








*Please give your character a good personality!! (They cant all be perfect!!) 2 entries per person!! (Maybe 3 but not all may get in.)

also, there need to be 4 people for the town council, so if you would like to be considered for it, write PEANUT BUTTER!!! under your characters form. I don't care if all of your characters wanna be in the town council but I will only pick 4!!

Ill start writing once I get all of the characters I need!!

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