When We Will Finally Win

Cadence's old best friend, Harry Syles, auditions for the X-Factor. Cadence never knew how far that would take him. When they meet up again, Cadence and Harry develop feelings for eachother. Everything goes great until a fandom war becomes real. One Direction's lives are in severe danger. What will happen to them?


9. Chapter 8:

"Omg can you believe this is really happening?"
I exclaim. We are on our way to the concert. 
"I've already heard James sing to me about 1,000 times."
"I don't care. We're seeing One Direction perform LIVE on the first concert of the tour. This is so amazing."
"I don't care about 1D."
I ignore Izzy. I grab my phone and turn on One Direction. I go on One Direction's website. 
"Oh my gosh Izzy guess what!"
She groans. 
"One Direction is releasing their very first single in a month!"
"That's great."
Izzy replies sarcastically. 
"It's gunna be called What Makes You Beautiful."
"That's great."
She repeats. I roll my eyes and look to see any other news. I've already read everything so I just wait to get there. I look out the car window. I watch the trees go by. I wait until we get to the concert. When we finally arrive, Izzy and get out of Izzy's car and we get food and t-shirts. I get a One Direction t-shirt and Izzy gets a Big Time Rush shirt. We also get popcorn and fries. We eat the popcorn and fries as we head down to the stage. We show the security our tickets. James sees us come in and he runs over to Izzy. He hugs her and kisses her. That's what Ed used to do when he saw me. I feel a tear start to fall out of my eye. I wipe it away quickly. 
"You ok Cadence?"
Izzy asks me. 
"You look sad. Aren't you excited to meet One Direction?"
"I'm fine. Let's go!"
I walk off without Izzy. I see James take her hand and they follow me. I see One Direction standing talking to each other. They turn around. 
Liam says. I almost pass out. 
"Are you ok?"
Harry asks. 
"I think so. I'm just a HUGE fan."
"That's great. We love fans!"
Louis tells me. I turn to Harry.
"Do you remember me?"
"What? I just met you!"
He exclaims. 
"Remember? I'm Cadence. We grew up together before you moved."
"When I moved to Holmes Chapel?" (Idk how to spell that)
"Yes. Before that. You used to be my best friend."
"Oh! I remember now! Cadence!"
Harry grabs me and pulls me into a hug when I'm least expecting it. 
"I'm so sorry I didn't get to say goodbye."
Harry whispers in my ear. I don't reply. I just hug him back. Harry lets me go and the other boys give me a hug. 
"Can you sign this?"
I ask as I hand Harry a piece of paper?
He smiles and writes on the paper. Then the other boys sign it. 
I take the paper back. 
"It looks like you have to go."
Harry points at the security guard walking over. 
"It's time to go."
The security guard tells me. 
I tell the boys. I think I saw Harry wink at me. I don't know what that was about. I go over to Izzy who I find is kissing James.
I exclaim and they jump back and look at me. 
Izzy asks. 
I reply. 
"Let's go Cadence. I'll see you later James."
Izzy gives James a quick hug and walks off to our front row seats with me. 
"That was the best night of my life!"
I exclaim. 
"It was normal for me. I've already met all of the boys before."
Izzy replies. I take out my autographed paper. I look at all of the boys' autographs. I see something written next to Harry's autograph. It's a phone number that says 'call me' next to it. I smile. 
"What's that?"
Izzy asks me. 
"Harry gave me his number."
I smile. The concert starts and One Direction comes on stage. They open up with Torn. Liam starts singing and the audience goes crazy. I'm screaming the whole time. When they close with Loves All You Need, I turn to Izzy. 
"They're done. Let's go home now."
"What? No! We have to stay here for James."
I sit back down and Big Time Rush comes on. I ignore them. I cheer when they're done because I won't have to hear them sing anymore. After that, we get back in Izzy's car and she drives home. 
"Thanks for the ride."
I tell her when I get home.
"Yup. See ya tomorrow."
She drives off and I lay down in bed with my paper that has the autographs and Harry's number clutched in my fists. 

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