When We Will Finally Win

Cadence's old best friend, Harry Syles, auditions for the X-Factor. Cadence never knew how far that would take him. When they meet up again, Cadence and Harry develop feelings for eachother. Everything goes great until a fandom war becomes real. One Direction's lives are in severe danger. What will happen to them?


7. Chapter 6:

The weeks have been going by so fast. All of One Direction's performances have been incredible. My favorites are Vida La Vida and Loves All You Need by The Beatles for Beatles week on the show. All of the performances were so amazing though. I'm really proud of these boys. They have come so far in such a short amount of time.  The results for the finals are tonight. I can't wait. I really hope that One Direction wins. That would be so amazing for them. I'm bored and I don't know what to do until tonight so I decide to call Ed. I dial his number and it rings a few times before he picks it up. 
"Hey babe."
"Hey. What's up?"
"Not much. I can't talk though. I'll see you later."
I hang up the phone. I wonder what Ed's doing. If he's not doing anything, why can't he talk to me? I put my phone down and I take my dogs outside and play with them in my yard for a while. Tanner sleeps almost the whole time. Zeus could barley keep up with the other dogs. Dutchess and Pluto are the extremely hyper ones. After an hour or two of playing with my dogs, I go inside and text Izzy. 
Me: hey
Izzy: what's up?
Me: nm u
Izzy: bored
Me: same
Izzy: yep
Me: what time r u coming over 2nite for the show?
Izzy: do I have 2 come over?
Me: yes
Izzy: y
Me: cuz I want u 2
Izzy: I don't want 2 tho
Me: idc
Izzy: thts mean
Me: I no
Izzy: I'll meet u at ur house at 7:30
Me: yay!!! C? I always win
Izzy: thts not true 
Me: yes it is
Izzy: I g2g
Me: y
Izzy: cuz I do. Ttyl
Me: fine. Bye
End of texts- 
I put down my phone. I don't know what else to do so I decide to go see Ed. I grab my phone and I walk out the door and walk to his house. I can't wait until I turn 16 so I can drive. 10 minutes later, I arrive at Ed's house. I take out the key that he gave me and I unlock the door. I open the door and the first thing I see is a movie on the TV. Then I see Ed sitting next to a girl. He puts her arm around her shoulders. I break out crying. 
I scream. 
I run out the door. I see Ed following me. 
"Cadence! Wait! I can explain!"
I hear him call. 
I cry as I sprint as fast as I can to my house. It's kinda hard because I am crying so hard. I run into my house and lock the door. I sit on the floor and cry. I must've been sitting there crying for hours because I hear a knock on the door. 
"Cadence! It's me!"
I stand up to let Izzy in. She sees me crying. 
"What's wrong?"
She exclaims. 
"E-Ed c-cheated on m-me."
I say shaking. 
"It's ok. You'll be alright."
She tells me. 
"No I won't."
"Yes you will. Let's just go watch the show."
"I don't know if I want to anymore."
"Come on Cadence. I always knew he was trouble. You have to get over him."
"I can't."
Izzy just pulls me to my feet and drags me to the couch. 
"The show's about to start."
Izzy turns on the TV and the show starts. I don't even pay attention to who performs. Soon enough it's time for the results. All of the three remaining acts line up on the stage. Two acts are called that are safe. One Direction isn't one if them. My boys didn't make it. I start crying even harder. Then the people talk to the boys. I hear Zayn say,
"This isn't the last of One Direction."
I hope not. I turn the TV off. I don't even care who wins anymore. 
"This is officially the worst night of my life."
I tell Izzy. 
"Really? That one dude said it isn't the last of One Direction. Isn't that good?"
"That dude's name is Zayn and its good but they lost and I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. I think that qualifies for worst night ever."
"I can't argue with that."
"I gotta go."
Izzy stands up. 
"Why do you have to go so fast then?"
"Because I do."
Izzy is already out the door. I do to bed and cry myself to sleep. 

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