When We Will Finally Win

Cadence's old best friend, Harry Syles, auditions for the X-Factor. Cadence never knew how far that would take him. When they meet up again, Cadence and Harry develop feelings for eachother. Everything goes great until a fandom war becomes real. One Direction's lives are in severe danger. What will happen to them?


6. Chapter 5:

I wake up to the sound of my phone's alarm going off. I look at the screen to see my friendly alarm alert-
If Katniss can lead a rebellion and survive the arena twice with Peeta, YOU CAN GET OUT OF BED FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! 
I get out of bed and get ready. I eat breakfast and walk to Izzy's house. She is my neighbor so we walk to school together every day. She meets me outside and we walk to school. I listen to music and ignore her. When we arrive at school, I go to my home room. Then I go to my first period class- gym. I hate gym so much. I change into my gym clothes and go into the gym. My teacher walks to the front. 
"We're using the fitness center today. We're only using the weight machines though."
I walk with everyone  into the fitness center and find a machine. I use it for about five minutes until we switch machines. We do that for the whole period. Then I go to science with my awesomeist teacher. We are working on Physics. It's really hard but I love it. After that I have band. I play tenor sax in band. After band I have useless Social Studies and then useless art. Then, my favorite part of the day. Lunch! I find Izzy in the cafeteria. 
"Do you have any sugar?"
I ask. 
"Yes but I'm not giving you any."
"Yes you are."
"No I'm not."
I yell at her. I sit with some of my other friends and we eat together.  I eat and then go to French. French is probably my worst subject. It's really hard. It's the only class I have with Izzy though. After French I have math and English then I get to go home. Izzy has soccer so I have to walk home alone. When I get home, I see if there are any updates on One Direction. They're all I could think about all day. Nothing new is happening with them. The results of the judges homes was only last night, so I have to wait 5 more whole days until I get to see them perform at the live shows. The rest of the week is so boring. When it finally the day of the live shows, I am so excited. I can't wait to see what song they're doing. They wouldn't tell anyone. Finally, the show is about to come on. Izzy still is t over though, so I decide to call her.
She picks up. 
"Hey! Where are you? The show is about to start!"
"I can't come over tonight."
"Why not?"
"I just can't."
"But why?"
"I gotta go."
She hangs up. 
"Well that was weird."
I tell myself. The live shows start and I wait for One Direction to perform. They finally do. Liam starts the song off again.
"I used to rule the world..."
I know the song by just the first few words. Vida La Vida by Coldplay. I love this song. When the song finishes, the audience explodes. The judges say nothing but compliments about the performance. A commercial comes on and I shut the TV off. I go upstairs to bed and I fall asleep. I wake up at 10:30 in the morning. I love sleeping in. I decide to take my dog on another walk until the show. I take Zeus this time. He's extremely lazy. When we go back to my house, I call Izzy to see if she's coming again. 
"What do you want now?"
"That's a nice way to greet someone."
"Exactly. Now what do you want?"
"Are you gunna come over to watch the X-Factor tonight?"
"It's just the results. I don't think I need to go."
"But you do. You need to help me through my craziness."
"Nothing can help that much."
"C'mon please?"
"I can't."
"Then who's gunna help me with my craziness?"
"Make Ed do it."
"No! Ed doesn't know I'm this crazy!"
"That means he has something to Lear on Monday."
Izzy hung up before I could say anything else. I make food and eat until that show starts. I ignore everything except for the results. I hold my breath. I hear,
"One Direction."
And I know they are safe. I start crying in happiness again. They announce the rest of the people making it through and there are a couple guest performers. I don't watch them. I go to bed a few minutes later. When I wake up in the morning, I look up One Direction to see if there's anything else going on in their lives. I find something called the Video Diaries.  I switch it. It's hilarious. What happens is the boys tell everyone how they're doing and they answer a few questions the fans send them. They are going to post one Video Diary a week to keep the fans knowing how they are. I'm excited about that. I seriously think that the Video Diaries are the funniest things I've ever seen. I don't know how I know so how, but I see a future in these boys. 

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