When We Will Finally Win

Cadence's old best friend, Harry Syles, auditions for the X-Factor. Cadence never knew how far that would take him. When they meet up again, Cadence and Harry develop feelings for eachother. Everything goes great until a fandom war becomes real. One Direction's lives are in severe danger. What will happen to them?


3. Chapter 2:

Harry finishes his performance. He did incredible. He leaves the stage and another person comes on. I don't really pay attention to anyone else. When the show is over, I get some M&Ms and I go to bed. I have a dream that the X-Factor takes Harry into being a star. Everyone loves him all around the world. He is one of the most famous people on the planet. When I wake up, I realize that it's a weekend so I don't have to do anything. I decide to call Ed to see if we can hang out a little today. I grab my iPhone and call him. 
He says. 
"Hey babe."
I reply. 
"Hey Cadence. What's up?"
"Not much. Do you wanna go to the park or something today?"
"Sure! Meet you at the park in an hour?"
"Sounds great. Love you. Bye."
I hang up and get ready to go to the park. I get there and Ed is already there. 
I say. 
He tells me. He takes my hand and we go down to the lake. The lake is our favorite spot. It is where we met for the first time. We sit with our legs in the lake for a little bit. Then we go to get ice cream. It is really hot outside and we need to cool off. I get vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a sugar cone. Ed gets chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone again. We eat and then we go back to our houses. I lay down on the couch and text my BFF, Izzy. The rest of the day, i do nothing. Next week, it will be the results from bootcamp. I don't pay attention for the rest of the week. It's really boring. I just go to school and ride my horse. It's what I normally do. It's nothing special. I just really want to find out if Harry is going to the live shows. He has to. He is so talented and he deserves to be a star.  When it's finally time, names are called. They called the last person to go through. Harry's name wasn't called. I see him start to cry. My heart sinks. I really wanted Harry to go through. He's really good and I can say that I used to be best friends with a star. The cameras go backstage and it shows what people that were eliminated are feeling. To my surprise, they show Harry. He's crying. It's really sad. It goes to commercial and then Simon says he wants some people to go out on stage. Harry is called. He goes on stage and stands next to four other really hot guys. Simon talks for a minute. The part I really listen to is,
"I've decided to put you through to the judges homes."
Harry is through. I look at the clock. 8:22 PM. For some reason, I feel that July 23, 2010 at 8:22 PM will be a moment that I will never forget. 

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