When We Will Finally Win

Cadence's old best friend, Harry Syles, auditions for the X-Factor. Cadence never knew how far that would take him. When they meet up again, Cadence and Harry develop feelings for eachother. Everything goes great until a fandom war becomes real. One Direction's lives are in severe danger. What will happen to them?


11. Chapter 10:

I wake up to my phone going off playing Change by Taylor Swift. I groan as I grab my phone. It's a text from Harry. 
Harry: hey babe
Me: seriously? U just woke me up
Harry: sorry
Me: sorry doesn't Change things. Now what's up?
Harry: I had a great time yesterday. Do u wanna go out to lunch later?
Me: YES!
Harry: great. Where do u wanna go?
Me: idk
Harry: k then just meet my by the pizza place where we met yesterday and we can figure out where 2 go from there
Me: great
Harry: see u there <3
End of texts- 
I jump out of bed and run to get ready. I put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. I just tie my hair back and I run downstairs. It's only 11 so I have some time. Just then, I get a text from Izzy. It says to go to her house. I walk up the hill and arrive at her house. She opens the door and I go in. 
"Hey what's up?"
I ask. 
"Look what I got!"
Izzy exclaims. She holds up a book. It's Rick Riordan's new book, The Lost Hero. 
"It came out today."
She says. 
"Omg! That's so cool!"
I open up the book and smell it. It smells like a new book. I love that smell. 
"I'm so happy."
Izzy exclaims. 
"Me too. Now I've gotta go. I have a date."
"Really? With who?"
"As Harry Styles?"
"Cool. See you later."
I leave Izzy's house and I go into town where the pizza place is. Harry's already there. 
I say as I walk up to him. 
"Where do you wanna go?"
"Wherever you want."
"I live here. I've been to all of these places a ton of times. You haven't."
"Let's go to Nandos then. Niall is always saying how amazing it is."
We walk into Nandos and we get a booth. We eat and leave the restaurant. We go out into the park and we walk around for a few minutes. 
Harry asks. 
"I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?"
He asks hopefully. 
I exclaim. He pulls me into his arms. 
"I'm so happy we met up again."
Harry tells me. 
"Me too."
I reply. 
"What do you wanna do now?"
Harry asks. 
"I have to go steal a book from Izzy.  Do you wanna come?"
"Who's Izzy?"
"My best friend and she's James' girlfriend."
"Ok. I have a question though. Why do you have to steal a book from her?"
"Because Rick just came out with a new book."
"Who's Rick?"
"One of my favorite authors."
"Oh. Let's oh then."
We go off to Izzy's house. I open the door quietly. I see the book on the table. I look around and I don't see Izzy. 
"Nows our chance."
I whisper. I run over as fast as I can and I grab the book before running back.
"Good job."
Harry tells me. 
"Thanks. Now let's go to my house."
I lead Harry down the hill to my house. I open the door and go in. 
"Make yourself comfortable."
I tell Harry as I open The Lost Hero. Harry sits next to me on the couch. I barley notice him.  "Even before he got electrocuted, Jason was having a rotten day..." I read a lot. I finally snap back to reality when Harry starts talking to me. 
"Babe? I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow."
I sigh and close the book. Harry sees that. 
"I'm surprised your friend hasn't noticed that the book is missing yet."
He tells me. 
"Oh no. She knows. She just doesn't know I took it."
"How do you know?"
"Empathy link."
I reply. 
"Ok but I've gotta go. See you tomorrow."
Harry leaves and I sit back down on the couch to keep reading. I don't put the book down and I finish it by the next morning. It's only 7 so I run up to Izzy's house. She's still sleeping so I open the door and quietly put the book back. I run back home without getting noticed. When I get home, I lay down on the couch and end up passing out. 

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