Diana is a normal girl with normal parents, normal friends, and a normal life. But there is one thing that adds a spark to her. She loves to sing. I mean, a lot of people do, but not as much as her. She goes out to follow her dreams, meeting up with some boys along the way, and getting into trouble.


3. Who the Hell are You?

*Diana P.O.V.*

What the hell? Where am I? I looked around as everything slowly got more clearer. I saw a woman, two older men, a boy who looked like an 80's barbie doll, and some nerd in the chair in the corner.. I was really confused. 

"uhh.. Who are you?"

"Oh no.. Thats a bad sign.." The barbie said in a sweet, but manly british accent. "Go get the doctor."

The woman walked out the door. She had hairy legs.. She should think about shaving those.

The doctor came back in, and she ran me through some tests, and the whole time, the boys were crowded around me, as if i was some new discovery. 

"Is she alright?" The geek said. His voice was deep and crisp. Very attractive. Maybe if he would change shyness and maybe take off his glasses, then id date him.

"She doesn't seem to remember anything from the past month. This may ware off soon, but its very possible, that she may never remember the past month. Now that wont effect her greatly, but theres no guarantee . And how long ago did you meet her?"

"Three weeks ago.." 

"So she definitely doesn't remember you."

I looked around, all confused. What was going on? Why am i not at work?

The doctor left the room, and i looked at the people in my room, hoping they would help me understand what was going on, but instead they all gathered around the geek guy as he started to cry. What the hell is happening?

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