Diana is a normal girl with normal parents, normal friends, and a normal life. But there is one thing that adds a spark to her. She loves to sing. I mean, a lot of people do, but not as much as her. She goes out to follow her dreams, meeting up with some boys along the way, and getting into trouble.


5. Priceless

*Harry P.O.V.*

I cant believe she can't remember me.. Its heartbreaking. It hurts even more, that if she doesn't get her memory back, shed never date me again.. She even said it to my face. I just wish id never met her. 

*Diana P.O.V.*


"Hey babe." Harry said as he grabbed my waist and kissed me on the cheek. i just smiled and kept walking. We got to the front door of what looked like a really fancy restaurant. He opened the door for me, and i walked in.

*current day*

Oh my god.. He is my boyfriend! Why did i fucking say all that stuff to him?! I got up and ran out my room door and ran down the hallway. I turned the corner and saw harry sitting on the ground with his knees up to his chest, and his palms on his face. I walked over there and took a seat next to him. He took a hand off his face, and looked at me. Harry immediately put his head back in his hands. I took his hand and kissed him on the cheek. His face shot up, and he looked at me. 

"You remember?!" He said with a quiet but hopeful voice. I nodded. A huge grin grew on his face. We both stood up, and I went right into his arms and embraced his warmth. And his itchy sweater vest.. He may be a nerd, but his personality is priceless.

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