Diana is a normal girl with normal parents, normal friends, and a normal life. But there is one thing that adds a spark to her. She loves to sing. I mean, a lot of people do, but not as much as her. She goes out to follow her dreams, meeting up with some boys along the way, and getting into trouble.


4. Mrs. Styles

*Diana's P.O.V.*

I coughed a little, and they all split up, and came over by me.

"Hey Diana." The Barbie said.

"Uhhh... Hi?" I said back, unsure how they knew my name. 

"You probably need some explanation." 

I nodded.

"Well.. We met you about three weeks ago. You were at an audition, and we snuck out the back way, and the large steel door hit you."

Things started coming back to me. I remember being at the audition. I skipped school that day for that audition.

As I let that process through my mind, i saw the boys looking at each other. Without another word, they all rushed to they're bags and changed. Turns out, the woman wasn't a woman, the men weren't old, and the barbie wasn't so barbieish.. But the geek was still very much, a geek..They came back to stand by my hospital bed. This was an odd day for me.

"We are five boys. This boy right here is your boyfriend.. you've been dating for two months now." As he said that, he put his hand on the geeky guys shoulder. I widened my eyes in shock. Why would i date him? "When you got hit with the door, you fell, but you seemed fine. Then for the next three or four months, you've been fine until last night. You and Harry over here, were at dinner, and you passed out right into your salad.."

All the boys nodded. I was still confused. Sooo... These five boys, hit me in the head with a door, became my best friends, and this one guy "harry" became my boyfriend? Im a little creeped out.

"Get out." 

"What?" The geek guy said in confusion.

"I dont know you or you, or any of you. Don't try to tell me im dating this guy, because i never would. So get out!" I yelled.

They all stared at me, and started to walk to the door. All of them comforting "harry" on the way out. I shouldn't feel bad. I didn't know them. I can't have strangers in my hospital room. I had no clue who they even were!!.... Or did i?

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