Diana is a normal girl with normal parents, normal friends, and a normal life. But there is one thing that adds a spark to her. She loves to sing. I mean, a lot of people do, but not as much as her. She goes out to follow her dreams, meeting up with some boys along the way, and getting into trouble.


2. Diana

*Diana's P.O.V.* 

       I ditched school today... But for a good reason. There were auditions going on down at the theater, for a singing competition. I get that everyone wants to become famous, and become rich, i mean, i do too, but I go to all these auditions, so i can sing and get a real opinion on it. The only part that i really don't like, is the wait. I always just wait in line to sing for judges, and if they offer me a place on the show, i don't accept it. 

      Its kinda hard to say this, but i only sing in front of strangers. My friends.. They've never heard me sing. They don't even know i like to sing. And my parents. They're too busy, trying to get me to love soccer, to even know that i like singing.

       So i am in this line.. I've been here since five this morning, and there were already thousands of people lined up in front of me. Since i've been here, lets just say, ive been leaning on the same wall, I've been stepping on the same piece of gum over and over, and Im still standing by the same exact people. This line hast moved an inch.    

       I looked at my phone. DAMN IT! Its four o'clock! My shift starts at four fifteen! I ran out of line, consequently stepping on the same piece of gum again. I ran around the corner, when suddenly BAM! Everything  goes black.

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