Nobody's perfect

This movella is about a 15 year old girl named Stephanie. She now has to face Katie "the prettiest girl in Bergan High" Stephanie is a new to Bergan High, she just moved from Canada. She also has a crush on a boy in school named Shayne. Her life is even harder because her mom and dad are divorsed. Read the novel to find out more!


18. You smoke?

I went back to my locker but this time I looked around. It was lunch time and I was starving. I grabbed my phone and my money. "Wanna come to lunch with me?" I smiled, "Yeah sure." We walked outside and went to Dunkin Donuts. Kayla sat across from me."You were about to beat the crap out of Katie." We both started laughing. I took a sip out of my coffee, "I hate her so much!" Kayla's eyes opened wide. "Speaking of the devil." Katie and her stupid little gang came in. "Look who's here." Katie gave me a little push with her hand. "Don't touch me." She laughed. "What are you going to do?" I got up. Her gang started blocking Katie from me. 'What's the matter need you little gang to protect you?" She walked away and ordered. "Let's get out of here before it gets dirty." Kayla laughed, "Yeah." We walked out and at the corner of my eye I saw someone and something was lighted in there hand. I looked and it was Shayne. "Hey Kayla, I will catch up to you in 2 minutes." "Alright." I started to walk toward him, "Shayne." He looked at me shocked. "Stephanie." I looked at him for a couple seconds, "What do you have in your hand?" His hand was behind his back, "Nothing." I grabbed him hand, "This is nothing?" I shook my head. "I was going to tell you." "Why do you smoke?" He sighed. "It's a long story." I looked at the time. "Meet me in front of the school, after school." He tried to kiss me and I pushed him away. I took the cigarette out of his hand and threw it on the ground. He looked at it for a while and watched me walk away.

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