Nobody's perfect

This movella is about a 15 year old girl named Stephanie. She now has to face Katie "the prettiest girl in Bergan High" Stephanie is a new to Bergan High, she just moved from Canada. She also has a crush on a boy in school named Shayne. Her life is even harder because her mom and dad are divorsed. Read the novel to find out more!


30. What did you do?!

*Shayne's POV*

I was walking down Katie's block. I reached in my pocket and grabbed a cigarette. I lit it up and inhaled it and blew it out. I saw two people playing soccer in front of their house. I walked closer and it was Stephanie and some kid. I quickly threw the cigarette on the ground. The kid was swinging her around and it looked like they were having a good time. "Steph." I said. She turned around with the ball in her hand. She rolled her eyes, "I will be right back." She smiled at the kid and handed him the ball. "Why are you so mad at me?" I can tell she hated me. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" She started to scream at me and she slapped me across the face. "What the fuck was that for?" She got really mad. "YOU LEFT MY HOUSE TO HAVE SEX WITH KATIE?" He was shocked. "Wh- what?" There was tears in her eyes. "You heard me, just leave me alone." He grabbed me. "Steph, how do you know?" She pushed me away, "Your all over the internet Shayne." I started to tear. "Stephanie wait, I love you." I grabbed her and kissed her. "LET GO OF ME." She yelled and tried to push me away. The kid came running. I pushed Stephanie away and I didn't know I pushed her hard enough that she hit the sign and knocked out. She was gushing blood. "STEPHANIE!" I yelled. The kid punched me in the face. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!" He yelled at me. The kid yelled out so everyone in the house could hear. Stephanie's mom started to walk toward us and when she saw Stephanie she started to run. "Stephanie!" She yelled. "DEVON CALL THE AMBULENCE." She yelled again. Devon ran in the house and then everyone came running out. "What happened?" Steph's mom said while holding her and she looked at me. "I-I pus-pushed her by accident." She slowly turned her head to me. "WHAT?! GO!" She wanted me to leave and I did.

*Devons POV*

I was so scared. The ambulance was on there way and Stephanie was laying there still gushing blood from her head. Dad came out and ran with a box in his hand. His eyes were watery. "Steph, Steph, can you hear me?" He wrapped some stuff around her head but it didn't help the blood from stopping. The ambulance arrived and they pulled out the stretcher. It made Stephanie's mom cry even more. "Will she be okay?" Her mom kept asking. "I'm not sure, brain damages can occur." One of the people said. Her mom put her hand on her head. The woman let her mom and dad in the car and I had to stay here.


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