Nobody's perfect

This movella is about a 15 year old girl named Stephanie. She now has to face Katie "the prettiest girl in Bergan High" Stephanie is a new to Bergan High, she just moved from Canada. She also has a crush on a boy in school named Shayne. Her life is even harder because her mom and dad are divorsed. Read the novel to find out more!


27. So excited.

It was 11:00 a.m. I got up and walked into my moms room and cracked the door open. Nobody was in there. There was a note on her door. *Morning Sweetie, I will be home in the after noon around 5, love you, stay home! (:*  I walked into the bathroom and put my hair in a perfect messy bun and put some aqua pre-rap in my hair. I washed my face and put some x-out cleaner on my face. I went into the kitchen and ate cereal. When I was done I went up stairs and put makeup on and some BB cream. I put on a white tang-top and a long black cardigan with leggings. I watched 21 jump street until it ended which was at 1:15. The door bell rang and Rocky ran downstairs and started barking. I opened the door and I pushed Rocky aside. I looked up and it was my Dad! "DADDY!" I yelled and jumped on him, giving him a big hug. I was bawling and I didn't want to let go. I could tell my dad was crying too. "My princess!" I let go. "I thought I wo-would never see you again." My dad was crying a lot. "You grew so much, my little girl is getting old." That made me cry again and I gave him another hug. A little girl started to pull my cardigan. "Get off mwy dawwy!" I let go and looked down. There was a little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pink bow that pulled her bangs back. I had a little frown on my face. My dad put one arm on me. "Steph, this is your 5 year old step-sister and her name is Liliana." Liliana put her arms up so my dad could pick her up. She started to grab my hair. I stepped back. "There's two more people you should meet." There was a pretty woman that smiled at me. She had dirty-blonde hair with hazel eyes. "I'm Elizabeth, your fathers wife." My dad grinned. "Your step-mom." I smiled and shook her hand. "Devon, come here, there's someone you should meet." Elizabeth said. He walked in. I look up at him and I couldn't get my eyes off of him. He is so attractive. "Hi, I'm devon." He smiled. I smiled back, "Hey, I'm steph." He shook my hand and looked at me.

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