Nobody's perfect

This movella is about a 15 year old girl named Stephanie. She now has to face Katie "the prettiest girl in Bergan High" Stephanie is a new to Bergan High, she just moved from Canada. She also has a crush on a boy in school named Shayne. Her life is even harder because her mom and dad are divorsed. Read the novel to find out more!


29. Crap.

*Katies POV*

Shayne was still asleep and I got up to use the bathroom. Everything was hurting and I felt sore. I came out and Shayne was awake. He took off the covers so I can lay on top of him. I smiled and laid down on top of him. We were still naked but I didn't mind. "Do you ever think of the future?" I asked him while putting my head on his chest. "Yeah, I see me and you." I kissed him. I got up and changed and so did Shayne. "You look cute." Shayne said grabbing my waist. "You don't look bad yourself." I giggled and we kissed. My mom came home about an hour later. "Katie I'm home." My mom buzzed on the speaker. "Ok, Shayne's here." We went in the movie room downstairs in the basement, and watched Haunted House. My mom yelled from upstairs. "Ugh, I'll be right back." Shayne took my hand and pulled me to him. "Don't be long, I'm going to miss you." He was laying on the bed. I sat on top of him. "Now your not going anywhere." He laughed. He kissed me. His hand was up my shirt. I started to smile while we were kissing. Then he put his hand in my leggings. "KATIE GET OVER HERE NOW." My mom yelled again. I took his hand out of my pants. "Be right back." I jogged upstairs. "WHAT?" I was in my room and she was in the bathroom holding up the CONDUMN WRAPPER. "I can't trust you alone." She threw the wrapper at me. "Mom, I'm going to be 16 soon." She was so mad. "YOUR STILL ONLY 15 KATIE." I rolled my eyes. "What is your problem?" She saw stains on the bed. "My problem is that you can get yourself pregnant!" She pointed to the bed. "YOUR A NASTY GIRL KATIE!" I laughed. "Don't act like you never had a dick up your vagina before." She gasped and slapped me across the face. "YOUR GROUNDED. I WANT YOUR PHONE, YOUR COMPUTER, YOUR CREDIT CARD, AND NO MORE SEEING YOU LITTLE BOYFRIEND. And it wont be funny anymore when Shayne finds out your with another guy." I looked at her and gasped. "That's what I thought." She said and walked away. She came back, "Clean your bed, and I want him out now." I went downstairs and went on top of him again and began to make out with him. "Woah, Katie." Shayne said. I started to take his shirt off. Shayne stopped kissing me. "Katie, what's wrong, why was your mom screaming." She sat on the bed. "She saw the condoms." His eyes widened. "It's all my fault." I nodded. "No, I was the one that wanted to have sex." He took my hand. "We both did, we were both ready." I grinned. He began talking again, "Why were you going all crazy a minute ago?" He laughed. "My mom's really pissed at me for doing it, and I'm just really mad and I just wanted to do it again." He pushed my hair back. "Katie, I want to but not when anyone's home, and somewhere nobody will find out. There's Kevin's party this week and obviously we will both get wasted." I kissed him. "Sounds like a plan."

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