Nobody's perfect

This movella is about a 15 year old girl named Stephanie. She now has to face Katie "the prettiest girl in Bergan High" Stephanie is a new to Bergan High, she just moved from Canada. She also has a crush on a boy in school named Shayne. Her life is even harder because her mom and dad are divorsed. Read the novel to find out more!


28. Almost.

"So, do you play any sports." Devon asked while helping me bake some cake. "Soccer." I said while smiling. "Me too." He smiled back. "You look a lot like your dad." I started mixing the cake mix. "Yeah, I guess." He started to laugh. "What?" I said giggling. "You got a little something." He pointed to his cheek. "Cake mix?" I said laughing. "Yeah." I grabbed a napkin. "I got it." He said while taking the napkin out of my hand. I smiled and I was probably blushing. He slowly took the cake mix off my face with the napkin. He was so close to me, I could feel his body touching mine. "There." He whispered. He slowly leaned over. I had no choice but to lean over too. His hand was on my face. I felt his lip touch mine and I heard someone coming so I moved away. "Need some help?" Elizabeth came in. "I don't think so, I just have to put it in the oven." I smiled. "Okay." She smiled and walked away. I turned around and Devon smiled and giggled. I smiled and walked out of the kitchen.

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