Eight Reasons To Hate The Girl Next Door

She's rude, mean, annoying. She never shuts up, or stops looking at herself. As a matter of fact, that's all she really cares about. She teases anyone below her, even though she's at the lowest. She's super loud, and she drives everyone crazy. Yet, somehow, I can't help but love her.


1. Let's Pretend

Let's pretend I didn't know her. Or maybe that I've never seen her before in my life. Let's pretend that today was the today four months ago, or maybe that today was the first day of school. Just not today.

Let's pretend I didn't know she'd be mean, or stupid, or my object of affection, to say the least.

Let's pretend I'm sitting in the back of my dad's truck, with Lora, talking about what our last year in high-school will be like. We always talked, and she was always my friend. Until she ruined it.

I knew somebody would be moving into the house next door. I just didn't know they were coming today. So, I guess that their arrival shocked me a bit. 

If it's eight at night, do you really want to be moving in? Do you think anyone would want to hear you moving in? I wouldn't. A moving van pulled into the drive-way, being followed by several cars. I could have sworn there were at least three!

Two people got out of the first car. They were both older than the rest, so I assumed the worst; parents. The second car, a blue Corvette Sting Ray, was owned by a pair of twins. How they had such an old car, I'd never know. Although it ran perfectly.

The last car, a red "punch-bug," was exited by her. So she was that kind of girl.

What kind of girl, do I mean? I mean the ones who try to be cute, and dumb, but only make themselves look like imbeciles. The ones who try to be popular, and get every guys attention. The kind that disgust me.

Yet, somehow, I like this girl. maybe, it's the way she smiles, or how she is -sort of- pretty, and makes it look effortless. I don't have a clue. There's just something about her.

Let's pretend that Lora and I see her right away. "How much do you want to bet that Joy'll try to be 'besties' with that one right away?" She jokes. Joy, despite her name, was anything but joyful. She was negative, and yet somehow, remained the most popular in our grade.I should know, we went out freshman year.

"What does it matter, that one, she probably won't care," I explained, "And, even if she did, she'd probably hate Joy like the rest of us." Lora nodded. After a while, I found myself looking at the girl. She was staring right back.

Even from far away, I could see the light brown in her eyes. Lora kept tapping me on the should, and that girl turned away, blushing. Jesus Christ, what have I done? That girl could have been a friend. 

I like to pretend I don't remember that day, but every day I see her, or Lora, I can't help but think of it. Like, in math class, when we were seated together. Or on the bus, when she sits behind me. It's so hard.

Let's pretend you didn't hear that last part. Okay?

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