Medusa's Halo

*My first try at a Doctor Who screenplay. This is not a cross-over*

New York. Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building. Home to Percy Jackson and his creator, Rick Riordan. When the Doctor and Clara meet him at a Starbucks coffee shop they never expected to end up stuck in a crazy motor inn (TARDIS parking provided) where the weird inhabitant's conversations don't make any sense at all.
To top it off people who have lost their memory are popping up like caffeinated daisies. They all have a symbol on their neck and they remember one thing at least, but the Doctor thinks it's a false memory because how is it even possible that they recall meeting a Weeping Angel?


6. Medusa's Halo 6



THE DOCTOR: Who are you?

M: Doctor, Doctor. I command the Weeping Angels or, as I like to call them, the Stone Angels. Surely, you know my name.

CLARA: Doctor, who is she?

(Clara and Riordan seem to be straining to keep their eyes peeled open)

THE DOCTOR: I don't know.

M: But you do.

THE DOCTOR: Then tell me if I already know.

M: Fine!

(M sweeps infront of the trio. She has sunglasses shielding her eyes. Clara gasps at her hair)

RIORDAN: Medusa?

M: Imagination is a wonderful thing really. It dares challenge reality. Which is how I came into being. Such a powerful mind you have Riordan.

THE DOCTOR: You're myth.

M: The Angels were gone too! When I was close enough to reality I began to give Riordan dreams. He dreamt the Stone Angels into existence. He imagined them! And they told me about you, Doctor. They're scared you know. But they're hungry too. Should I take my glasses off so you can see me better to believe me?

(The lights flicker. The Angels move closer. They have their teeth bared and arms raised)

CLARA: Doctor, they're getting closer!

THE DOCTOR: I know. I know. Let me think.

RIORDAN: This is crazy!

THE DOCTOR: I've got it! Clara give me your phone and close your eyes.

(Clara slowly fumbles around for her bag)


(Clara hands him her phone)

THE DOCTOR: Thank you. Rick. Get your phone out too.

M: First of all reception doesn't work here. And secondly, you'll taste better frozen.

(M takes off her sunglasses)


(The Doctor uses his phone to shield his eyes. Rick does the same. The Angels glide closer)

(M lunges at the Doctor to try and knock him to the ground. The Doctor grabs her arm and pushes her back. M tries to bite the Doctor but he hits her across the back with his hand, knocking her down)

M: Time is so filling. You'll make a meal as well as that TARDIS of yours.

(M attacks Clara next. Clara screams and hits M to try and get her off)

RIORDAN: Doctor what do we do now?

THE DOCTOR: Do you mind having amnesia?


THE DOCTOR: Oh. Because it won't hurt a bit.

(The Angels are dangerously near. The Doctor pokes the sonic screwdriver onto Riordan's forehead)

M: What are you doing?

THE DOCTOR: What I do best. Saving the Earth.

(The sonic screwdriver glows and Riordan drops to the ground. Cracks begin appearing in the Stone Angels. They spread and form new ones. Then the Angels drop into a pile of dust and blow away)

M: No! What did you do?

(M retreats from Clara's frantic attempts to ward her off and stalks towards the Doctor. But before she can stare fully at him she begins to turn to stone)
M: What's happening?

THE DOCTOR: You see. You're always a part of Rick's imagination. Well, his version of Medusa anyway. You stemmed from his mind and since I've erased the past couple of days he won't remember you at all or the Stone Angels. So you won't be able to exist anymore.

(M's lower half begins to crumble)

M: NO!

(Her body reduces to a pile of dust)

THE DOCTOR: Clara you can open your eyes now.

(Clara stands up)
CLARA: Never, make me close my eyes when I'm fighting something like that again. And why did you get the phone?

(The Doctor tentatively hands her the phone)

THE DOCTOR: Here's your phone.

CLARA: It's broken. And you're paying for it.

THE DOCTOR: I'll get the emergency money.

CLARA: What about Rick?

THE DOCTOR: Almost forgot.

(The Doctor picks up Rick and walks back to the TARDIS)

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