Medusa's Halo

*My first try at a Doctor Who screenplay. This is not a cross-over*

New York. Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building. Home to Percy Jackson and his creator, Rick Riordan. When the Doctor and Clara meet him at a Starbucks coffee shop they never expected to end up stuck in a crazy motor inn (TARDIS parking provided) where the weird inhabitant's conversations don't make any sense at all.
To top it off people who have lost their memory are popping up like caffeinated daisies. They all have a symbol on their neck and they remember one thing at least, but the Doctor thinks it's a false memory because how is it even possible that they recall meeting a Weeping Angel?


5. Medusa's Halo 5



(The Doctor, Clara and Riordan come running towards the Midnight Garden Motor Inn. The TARDIS stands there, unmoving)

THE DOCTOR: Please! We have to hurry.

CLARA: Sorry if I was mean to you.

RIORDAN: You're talking to a Police Box.

(Suddenly the TARDIS doors open)

THE DOCTOR: Finally!

(They all pile into the TARDIS)

RIORDAN: It's bigger on the inside!

THE DOCTOR: Most people say that. Now-

(A Dalek moves toward them)


(Silurians are join the Dalek as well and the Cyberman. Maeve and Taddea appear. They bare their vampire teeth)

THE DOCTOR: It was a trap set up by the Angels probably. Or whoever is in charge of them. That's why Maeve and the Dalek had that halo etched onto her skin. Everyone here probably does.

(The Doctor examines the air with his sonic screwdriver. He rushes out and points it at the Dalek who deactivates and at the Cyberman. Then he does some Venusian Martial Arts moves on Maeve and Taddea who fall down unconscious. Proceedingly, he directs the sonic screwdriver at the entrance of the Motor Inn. It's like the whole piece of land ripples and a hole appears. The Doctor runs back to the TARDIS)

THE DOCTOR: It's a pocket dimension. The TARDIS was pulled into the force of this whole thing but it's still quite a weak one. They're pretty clever for stone statue things.

CLARA: How were we able to get out then?

THE DOCTOR: A hole in the pocket dimension. Over there by the entrance...They wanted me to find him. How could I have been so stupid?!
RIORDAN: What's a pocket dimension?
THE DOCTOR: Never mind that. The Angels wanted me to find you, Rick. Simple. They out smarted me. Now, Empire State Building you say? Okay. But this could be a little bumpy. Getting in is fine but getting out of this isn't.
(The Doctor pulls a lever and the Tardis core bobs up and down. The whole TARDIS shakes and Clara and Riordan have to grip the railing to stay standing. The TARDIS begins rocking back and forth, doing loop-dee-loops and knocking everyone about)

RIORDAN: Are you sure this is safe?!


(More rocking and knocking everyone about)

(The TARDIS appears in the Empire State Building. Riordan steps out)

RIORDAN: Thank god that stopped! How did we get here?

CLARA: It was worse the other time.

THE DOCTOR: Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine. We can travel anywhere to anytime.

RIORDAN: Even the Big Bang.

THE DOCTOR: I do believe I've already been there.

RIORDAN: That's amazing. Absolutely amazing!

(Suddenly the lights black out)

CLARA: Doctor, what's happening?

THE DOCTOR: Don't move. When the lights come back on don't even blink.


THE DOCTOR: Just do as I say.

(The lights flicker and turn on again. A group of Weeping Angels are standing nearby with their hands on their faces. The lights go off and on again. This time they're closer)

RIORDAN: How do they do that?

THE DOCTOR: Whenever you blink they move. Whenever you turn your back they move.

(The Doctor steps forward and points his sonic screwdriver at them. But before anything happens you hear a hiss)

CLARA: What was that?

(Camera shows the back view of the Doctor, Clara and Riordan. Two feet step into view)

M: Hello Doctor. You made it. And with the impossible girl. This will make an excellent dinner! You can't turn around can you? Wise not to actually.

RIORDAN: Why does that voice sound familiar?

M: Because I've been talking into that little mortal ear of yours for quite some time now. Talking to you...telling you things. You wanted me to go away but you created me after all. Imagined me. And now I'm real.

(Camera pans around to the front view. You see a figure. M steps into the light and you see her nest of writhing snakes)

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