Medusa's Halo

*My first try at a Doctor Who screenplay. This is not a cross-over*

New York. Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building. Home to Percy Jackson and his creator, Rick Riordan. When the Doctor and Clara meet him at a Starbucks coffee shop they never expected to end up stuck in a crazy motor inn (TARDIS parking provided) where the weird inhabitant's conversations don't make any sense at all.
To top it off people who have lost their memory are popping up like caffeinated daisies. They all have a symbol on their neck and they remember one thing at least, but the Doctor thinks it's a false memory because how is it even possible that they recall meeting a Weeping Angel?


4. Medusa's Halo 4



(You see a young boy in a Hospital bed. He shows the Doctor his neck)

THE DOCTOR: What's your name?

VICTIM 2: You're the Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: What's your name?

VICTIM 2: I don't know.

THE DOCTOR: Where did you get that mark?

(The nurse steps forward)

NURSE 1: I think you need to leave, sir.


(You see an old man staring, frightened, at the The Doctor and Clara)

THE DOCTOR: What happened?

VICTIM 3: You're going to destroy them.

THE DOCTOR: You really can't remember anything other than them?

VICTIM 3: No. I can't. Does it matter?


(You see a girl holding a boy's hand from her Hospital bed)

THE DOCTOR: I'm not going to hurt you.

VICTIM 4: You can't stop them this time.

THE DOCTOR: Why not? Why can't I destroy them?

VICTIM 4: She said you can't. She's hungry. Famished even.

NURSE 2: Sir, can you please leave.


(The Doctor and Clara get up and leave)


(Riordan is sitting at his desk, writing on his laptop)

RIORDAN: And Percy called out-

M: Doctor Who.

RIORDAN: Not you again.

M: You're not good at hiding your secrets are you? The Doctor suspects.

RIORDAN: Go away.

M: I rather like it here actually.

RIORDAN: That's too bad. Goodbye.

(A faint hiss as M's voice vanishes)


(The Doctor is sitting at a cafe table with his head in his hands. He bangs his head on the table)

THE DOCTOR: I don't get it. Why leave that memory? Why let the world know of their existence?

CLARA: Maybe the Angels don't have much brain.

THE DOCTOR: No that's not it. It's so simple but I just- I just need to imagine myself as one of the Angels.

CLARA: That's a good idea.

THE DOCTOR: They're tired. They've just managed to recreate themselves into existence.


THE DOCTOR: They're scared. Of me.

CLARA: That's an easy assumption.

THE DOCTOR: They need to let me know they're here. But why? And how?

(The Doctor jumps up)

THE DOCTOR: Of course!

CLARA: I'm assuming you've had a brilliant idea.

THE DOCTOR: They need to let me that I'm here so I can save them! They're weak. They feed on time itself. I'm the perfect morsel. What better way to fill your stomach than with a Time Lord?

CLARA: I can think of better ways. And why give people amnesia and the weird mark?

THE DOCTOR: They fed on their life force. You can't simply go on without eating so they needed to snack somehow. But I'm the main course you see. Me and my TARDIS. And the mark? They want me to know who they are. They know I'll get to them. Well, I'm going to help them this once.


THE DOCTOR: I'm going to walk straight into their trap. But where would they be? The Winter Quay Hotel is destroyed...

CLARA: I don't know, a sculpture place, a pottery class...

THE DOCTOR: That's it!

CLARA: I wasn't being serious you know?

THE DOCTOR: Never the less. That's perfect. I need to go find Rick.

CLARA: But he thinks you're a total lunatic.

THE DOCTOR: Let him think that. He's going to help us whether he likes it or not. But first, some coffee! Desperate circumstances call for caffeine.

(The Doctor stands up and goes over to the counter to order some coffee. Clara doesn't notice Taddea and Maeve sway up to the table)

TADDEA: Oh hello. Mind if we join?

CLARA: No. Not at all.

MAEVE: I like your hair.

TADDEA: I like your feet.

CLARA: My feet?

TADDEA: I'm weird that way. Now, what're you doing today?

CLARA: Not much.

MAEVE: Come on. You can trust us.

(The Doctor returns)

THE DOCTOR: Clara, we need to hurry. Hello Taddea. Maeve.


(The Doctor and Clara exit. Maeve and Taddea stand up and glare after them with their fangs slowly growing)


(Riordan is pacing his lounge-room. The Doctor and Clara are sitting on couches)

RIORDAN: You're crazy!

THE DOCTOR: You know I'm not.

(a faint hiss)

M: the Doctor...

RIORDAN: That's lunacy.

CLARA: I told you he was going to say that.

THE DOCTOR: You know me don't you.

RIORDAN: I didn't know you-

THE DOCTOR: Before that day, I know. But you have to understand that I don't believe you.

RIORDAN: So you're telling me that all these weird people that have been popping up are victims of Weeping Angels?


RIORDAN: I don't believe you.

THE DOCTOR: Says the man that dreamed up the world of Percy Jackson. Listen. You're the cause of this aren't you?

RIORDAN: What are you talking about?
THE DOCTOR: You know perfectly well what I'm talking about. You're just too scared to admit it. You brought them back. You imagined them back.

RIORDAN: I can't just imagine things and they appear.

THE DOCTOR: Men built the spaceship that made it to the moon for the very first time throughout human history purely on the fact that they imagined. Tomas Edison imagined up producing light through electricity and it came to be. Who says you can't imagine something like this into existence? Now I'm going to ask you again. Where are the Weeping Angels?

RIORDAN: I don't know...It's, um...It's the Empire State Building!

THE DOCTOR: Obvious now that I think about it.

(The Doctor and Clara stand up and begin retreating to the door)

RIORDAN: I want to come with you.

(The Doctor turns around)

THE DOCTOR: I thought you'd say that.

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